Mission Statement

Estacada Public Library will be recognized as a dynamic force in the community by creating an environment that nurtures intellectual freedoms, encourages lifelong learning, offers open access to resources, supports new technologies, respects cultural diversity and embraces the future.

Vision Statement

Estacada Public Library is dedicated to providing our patrons with the opportunity to explore the present, the past and the future through all forms of communication.



2013-2018 Library Strategic Plan

Library Director

Michele Kinnamon

                    From the director:

When the Library’s strategic plan for 2008-2013 was adopted in November 2007, our current location had been open barely a year. Now, approaching its seventh year on NW Wade Street, the library has had time to grow into its space. This Strategic Plan for 2013-2018 has been created to further that growth and to address the needs of our community at this moment in our history.

This plan, created with input from members of the Estacada community via the Strategic Planning Committee and the 2012 Library User Survey, is meant as a guide to accomplish objectives in eight library service areas over the next five years. It includes new goals and objectives and revisits objectives that were not accomplished from the 2008-2013 plan. It is not meant to be a comprehensive listing of all the things we could or should do. Library service is ever-evolving. We are driven by changes in technology, in society, and in the economic health of our country. Our overall goal is to provide the best service to the community we can with the resources we have been given.

In April 2013, the Estacada Public Library was recognized at the Oregon Library Association Conference for 100 years of library service. It is exciting to consider that library service has been available in some form in Estacada since 1913. From the back of retail store to a small house in the town center, then to City Hall and now in its much-loved current location, people who cared about libraries have prevailed in our common mission.


Strategic Planning Committee

Karen Hardman, chair

Bob Austin , Kathi Bachtel, Malana Ganz, Sheri Girdner, Sarah Hibbert, Greg Johnson,  Phil Lingelbach, Johnni Reynolds, Dianna Turk,  Dennis Weber.

Library Board
Suzanne Sager, president
Janet Bowen, vice president
Kraig Bartel, treasurer
Jane Troeh
Earlean Marsh

Strategic Initiatives

1.    1.        Staffing and Volunteers

GOAL: Ensure that the library has adequate professional staff, paraprofessional staff and volunteers to maintain high quality service.

  • Promote staff development opportunities: in-house training, conventions, workshops, visits to other libraries
  • Establish basic competencies in computer literacy for circulation staff and set training goals for staff who do not meet the competencies
  • Identify and hire new staff with potential for long-term service
  • Regularly recognize outstanding staff performance and years of service
  • Hire staff and recruit volunteers with multilingual abilities
  • Identify productive ways in which to use volunteers


2.2.      2.       Collection Management

GOAL:  Plan, purchase and maintain an easily accessible collection of materials in multiple, currently used formats that respond to the needs and interests of the community.

  • Update cataloging and materials purchasing procedures by migrating to the Acquisitions model used by other LINCC agencies
  • Assess effectiveness of primary materials vendor.  If necessary, change vendors to allow more efficient ordering and purchase tracking
  • Review the collection development policy and revise as needed
  • Determine needs of non-English speakers and purchase materials based on information gained from focus groups conducted with them

3.     3.      Programs and Services

GOAL: Present public programs that will educate and entertain all age groups. Offer new services that enhance the patron library experience.

  • Present at least one program a quarter for adult patrons.
  • Create more year-round programming for young people aged 0-18, in addition to the summer reading program
  • Initiate family story time and a Spanish-language story time
  • Investigate uses for the Flora Room and its Wi-Fi capabilities during library hours
  • Assess educational needs and offer relevant classes devoted to computer literacy, ESL, etc…
  • Stay informed of innovations in library services and add those that enhance the library experience


4.        4.       Partnerships and Collaborations

GOAL: Develop partnerships with a broad range of community organizations.

  • Co-present programs with community organizations
  • Promote community events via the library’s social media outlets and encourage community organizations to promote library events in kind to strengthen the Estacada cultural community
  • Promote use of the library’s display case to community groups and create library displays to coincide with community events
  • Meet with representatives from schools, churches, businesses and other organizations to learn how the library can serve them
  • Participate in such community events as Summer Celebration and Fourth of July parade to promote the library and emphasize its place in the community


5.       5.       Technology

GOAL:  Ensure quality of access to the Internet and to other computing resources.

  • Plan for future replacement of computers and software, being mindful of rapid changes in technology
  • Create a history of computer purchases and discards since 2006 to help in future purchasing
  • Investigate new technology services such as loaning laptops for in-library use
  • Assess weekly computer tutorial topics and update topics as necessary
  • Train staff on how to assist patrons with eReaders and Library2Go.
  • Save for a possible implementation of RFID tagging by LINCC


6.       Community Relations, Library Publicity and Promotion

GOAL: Increase community awareness of the wide range of services, programs and resources available from the library.

  • Learn strategies for best promoting the library through social media
  • Create an e-mail-based library newsletter using a free online service such as MailChimp
  • Discuss with local print media editors the idea of regular library content in the newspaper
  • Assess the library’s Web site for a possible redesign and/or update
  • Establish a schedule for outreach to the Latino community, homeschoolers and others
  • Investigate possibility of semi-regular online surveys via Survey Monkey to gain patron feedback on library services.

7.       7.       Funding

GOAL: Continue to finance operations with income from the Clackamas County Library District but explore opportunities for additional funding that can sustain the quality of library services and resources.

  • Organize a “Friends of the Library” group that will oversee fundraising opportunities such as the Chapter 2 book sale, online book sales, dahlia sale, and other promotional opportunities.
  • Explore funding opportunities from the Estacada Area Literary Foundation
  • Develop donor opportunities, including bequests and planned giving
  • Explore grant opportunities

7.      8.        Facilities

GOAL: Uphold the integrity and beauty of the library’s physical and public spaces by providing sufficient security, maintenance, and upkeep of furnishings, equipment and outdoor spaces.

  • Buy an appropriate sign to identify the Estacada Public Library from the Wade Street approach
  • Purchase new utility tables for the community room
  • Create a building maintenance plan that also addresses furniture replacement
  • Encourage artists and local galleries to display art in the hallway leading to the Flora Room
  • Assess parking needs and investigate how to add more space for visitors