April 26 Minutes

Estacada Public Library Board of Trustees

Meeting Minutes

April 26, 2012, 5:30 p.m.

Flora Community Room


Meeting Called to Order

Chair Hardman called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

Present:  Dir. Suzanne Sager, Dir. Kraig Bartel, Dir. Earlean Marsh, Chair Karen Hardman, LD Anna Stavinoha, CM Bill Elliott, Asst to CM Melanie Wagner

Absent:  Dir. Janet Bowen

Public Input

Lynn Kammerman, 21600 SE Coop Rd – Ms. Kammerman commented on five topics.
1 – She encouraged the Board to decide if the Board Chair should be removed or apologize to the Foundation Board. 2 – The Board should determine whether the Library Director is acting appropriately when dealing with the Foundation. 3 – She recommended putting together a “New Board Member” packet. 4 – She believes that if the Library Director requests that someone else take the minutes, that the person should be a volunteer. 5 – She recommended utilizing a parliamentarian to assist with Board Meetings.

Director’s Report

LD Stavinoha gave an overview of the financial report and stated that the cash carryover is good.

Dir. Bartel asked if LD Stavinoha would be spending all of this years’ budgeted allotment for collection development. LD Stavinoha stated that she would.

Dir. Bartel asked where the savings is coming in this fiscal year. LD Stavinoha explained that a substantial amount of savings has been seen in contractual services such as janitorial, aquarium service, window cleaning, and the copier machine. She also stated that the Library has seen some reduced costs in utilities.

Consent Agenda

Approve Minutes from March 22, 2012 Board Meeting

Approve Minutes from April 2, 2012 Workshop

Approve Minutes from April 16, 2012 Budget Workshop

Dir. Bartel moved to approve the Consent Agenda. Dir. Sager seconded the motion. The motion passed with 3 yes and 1 abstention. (Marsh)

Chair Hardman requested that a paper copy of the Board Meeting Packet be prepared for Dir. Marsh since she is frequently not able to access email.

Old Business

Dir. Bartel requested to make an addition to the agenda to discuss a resolution for the conflict with the Foundation.

Process for Amending Bylaws

Dir. Marsh also requested to make an addition to the agenda regarding amending the bylaws.

Dir. Marsh made a motion that the Library Board Bylaws may not be added to or changed without the addition/change being proposed at a regularly scheduled Board Meeting and approved at the next regularly scheduled Board Meeting.

Dir. Bartel seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Budget Vote

Chair Hardman made a motion to approve the budget as presented.

Dir. Marsh stated that she would like to postpone the budget vote because she wasn’t able to attend the Budget Workshop and she still has questions.

Dir. Bartel stated that he still has questions too, and would like to have another workshop because it isn’t clear to him where the roll over into the next year is coming from.

Dir. Bartel added that he is deeply concerned that there will be significant problems with the budget next year.

The Board discussed whether there should be another workshop.

LD Stavinoha asked Dir. Bartel to please explain what he believes is not sustainable in the budget.

There was a discussion about whether the fulltime staff should take a reduction in pay.

Dir. Bartel asked LD Stavinoha where she anticipates cutting $80-100,000 in the next year’s budget.

LD Stavinoha answered that she would need to look at the budget further.

The Board discussed the topic of a sustainable budget and Library programming.

The motion made by Chair Hardman to approve the budget as presented was not seconded. The motion failed.

Dir. Bartel made a motion to schedule a budget workshop.

The Board discussed when to schedule the workshop.

Chair Hardman requested that the Board schedule a meeting rather than a workshop so that the budget could be approved after the discussion.

Dir. Bartel made a motion so schedule a Budget Workshop on Wednesday, May 9, 2012 at 5:30pm in the Flora Room at the Library.

Dir. Marsh seconded the motion. The motion passed with 3 yes and 1 no. (Hardman)

Library Foundation Conflict Resolution

Dir. Bartel stated that the conflict with the Foundation has gone on too long. He also stated that Chair Hardman had said she would give a retraction of her actions and she had not.

It was pointed out that Chair Hardman had printed a clarification in the Estacada News that she was speaking on her own, not representing the Board. Chair Hardman also stated that she had tried to make amends with the Foundation that had not been received.

Dir. Bartel stated that because of the conflict Chair Hardman should resign. She replied that she will not resign.

Dir. Bartel made a motion to remove Karen Hardman from the Library Board of Directors.

CM Elliott requested that Dir. Bartel show him where it says in the bylaws that the Board can remove someone from a City Council appointed position.

Dir. Sager stated that according to the bylaws (page 3) that the only thing the Board can do is to make a recommendation to City Council.

Dir. Bartel withdrew his motion.

Dir. Bartel made a motion that the Board recommends to the City Council that Karen Hardman be removed from the Library Board.

Dir. Marsh seconded the motion. The motion failed with 2 yes and 2 no. (Dir. Bartel – yes, Dir. Marsh – yes, Dir. Sager – no, Chair Hardman – no.)

There was a discussion of conflict of interest for Kraig Bartel, and his understanding of the ethical limitations for him being on the Library Board.

New Business

Aquarium to City Council

LD Stavinoha reported that she is planning to remove the large aquarium from the Library. She stated that she was concerned about the sturdiness of the aquarium and that she would also like to expand the teen section. She said the Red Barn Preschool would like to have the aquarium back and that they plan to use it for a terrarium. She also stated that the City Council declared the aquarium as surplus at their meeting on April 23, 2012.

Nomination for Treasurer

Dir. Bartel made a motion to nominate Dir. Sager for the position of Treasurer. He stated that she is very qualified to fill this position.

Chair Hardman seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Recommendation for LDAC Representative

Dir. Bartel said that he would like to see Committee Reports added to the agenda to include the LDAC and the Strategic Planning Committee.

Dir. Bartel made a motion to recommend Johnni Reynolds to the City Council for appointment as the LDAC Representative when his term ends in June.

Dir. Marsh seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Dir. Bartel volunteered to contact Councilor Drinkwine to request that he inform the City Council about the recommendation.

Library Fund Raising

Dir. Hardman brought up the topic of Library fund raising for discussion. She asked Joanne Headrick to explain the process involved when items are donated to the Library. Ms. Headrick explained that donations are added to the library collection if they are current and in good condition. She also explained the process for items that are not able to be added to the collection but can be sold in the library, and lastly she described how some are given away. Dir. Bartel asked about putting a small shelf out in the lobby so that the giveaways don’t have to be kept in a box.  Dir. Sager asked about staff time to accomplish this and Ms. Headrick explained that the staff would most likely utilize volunteers after the donations are processed.

Dir. Hardman stated that fundraising by book sales could begin any time because there are books/items ready to go. She also said that someone had suggested having a coffee cart as a fund raiser idea.

Public Input

Kay Agnselman, PO Box 361, Eagle Creek – Ms. Agnselman stated that she wants to know why the Library Director thinks that volunteers are incapable of helping at the Library.

Shirley Burke, 1025 Cazadero Ct. – Ms. Burke stated that she volunteered through Jr. High and High School at the library and believes kids need the experience that volunteering gives them. She said that she believes volunteers are very important and that two paid librarians are a waste of money.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:33 p.m.