April Minutes

Estacada Public Library Board of Trustees

Meeting Minutes – APPROVED

April 23, 2013, 5:30 p.m.

Flora Community Room

Meeting Called to Order

Pres. Sager called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.

Present:Pres. Suzanne Sager, Dir. Kraig Bartel, Dir. Earlean Marsh, Dir. Jane Troeh, Library Director Michele Kinnamon, Assistant to the City Manager Melanie Wagner.

Absent:Dir. Janet Bowen

Review of minutes from the March 12, 2013 Budget Workshop

Pres. Sager presented the minutes from the March 12, 2013 meeting for review by the board. Dir. Troeh made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Dir. Bartel seconded the motion. The motion passed with 4 yes and 0 no.

Review of minutes from the March 28, 2013 Meeting

Pres. Sager presented the minutes from the March 28, 2013 meeting for review by the board. Dir. Troeh made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Dir. Marsh seconded the motion. The motion passed with 4 yes and 0 no.

Public Input

Karen Hardman, 700 NE Foothill Drive, Estacada, noted that she had lived outside city limits for three years and inside city limits for 32 years. She commended LD Kinnamon and volunteers for excellent work on the book sale, and weekend staff for carrying on with business during the sale. She also thanked Dir. Bowen and Dir. Troeh for contributing to the success of the sale. She stated that she has been asked already if there would be another sale in the fall.

Director’s Report

Expense and Revenue, Library Statistics Reports

LD Kinnamon presented the Director’s Report and asked for questions. The directors looked over the expense and revenue ledger. LD Kinnamon handed out the budget recommendation to be voted on during Old Business.

Director and librarian recent and upcoming meetings/visits

LD Kinnamon reported on the meetings she and/or Librarian Annie Sprague had attended and informed the board that both she and Ms. Sprague would be attending the Oregon Library Association Conference coming up on Thursday and Friday.

Book Sale Report

LD Kinnamon reported that the book sale was very successful. The book sale brought in $1,825.57 in gross sales. LD Kinnamon estimates the expenses to be approx. $400 which included signage and advertising.

Dir. Bartel stated that it used to cost the Library nothing, so it would be good to know about employee cost as well.

LD Kinnamon informed the board that no additional employees were added to the weekend staff, and that the many intangible benefits, such as community relations, goodwill and the added visitors to the library and to town, can’t be measured. She said that the library gained new volunteers that were likely to continue volunteering and also gained a liaison to the local Latino community.

Pres. Sager commented that when the PSU Library has events like this the staff is expected to help in addition to their regular duties.

LDAC Meeting update

LD Kinnamon reported that the LINCC Library directors had written a letter of concern to County Administrator, Steve Wheeler, about the level of service they have been receiving from County Network. The letter called for approving a budget that would provide stable funding for County Network that would allow compliance with the Library District Intergovernmental Agreement.

Strategic Plan update

LD Kinnamon reported that the Strategic Plan was completed at the beginning of April and the committee has been reviewing it and will be meeting this evening following the board meeting to give their final approval.

Lockbox replaced and window screen fixed

LD Kinnamon thanked Dir. Bartel for repairing the lockbox at the front door. She has asked library maintenance staffer Gary Guttridge, to seal the nail holes and paint the mounting board to match the building color.

Dir. Marsh asked if the Library has outside lighting because the lights had been burned out. LD Kinnamon said that she will report back at the next board meeting.

Old Business

Budget Vote – LD Kinnamon requested that the board vote to approve the budget recommendation. She said that nothing has changed since the board’s March 12 budget workshop except for minor amounts. The City’s Budget Committee will be meeting on May 15 to receive the proposed budget.

Dir. Bartel commented that he would have liked to know ahead of time that the board would be asked to vote on the budget tonight.

LD Kinnamon stated that she thought the board was aware that they would be recommending a budget at the April meeting.

Dir. Bartel commented that the goal of adding 10% to the collection each year was not being met. He stated that to him the Library is its collection and he believes an excellent collection will bring patrons into the Library.

LD Kinnamon responded that she believes that with the current budget the Library is able to purchase what the collection needs. She also explained that being part of a consortium means the library does not have to own everything published; the idea of a consortium is the wider scope of a shared collection. She mentioned that substantial discounts available from vendors ensure that the library can purchase more for less.

Pres. Sager asked about the Acquisitions model that was listed under the New Business section.

LD Kinnamon explained that the Library will be moving to the SIRSI Dynix Symphony WorkFlows Acquisitions module to simplifying cataloging. The move will save time in processing materials. The library is also changing vendors to Baker and Taylor for ordering materials. She stated that it will take time this summer for staff that order materials to learn both the new ordering and cataloging systems but that these changes will bring the library in line with most of the other libraries in LINCC who already use Aquistions.

Dir. Troeh moved to approve sending the recommended budget to the City Budget Committee. Dir. Bartel seconded the motion.Dir. Troeh – yes, Pres. Sager – yes,
Dir. Bartel – yes, Dir. Marsh – yes. The motion passed with 4 yes and 0 no.

Purchase of Flora Room Chairs

LD Kinnamon reported obtaining a second estimate for the chairs, but because of City Government pricing programs the cost will be the same at either vendor. The estimate was for $5,546 for 52 chairs by Herman Miller with a 12 year warranty. Dirs. Marsh and Bartel had been able to view the same kind of chairs at the Sunnyside Library.Dir. Marsh reported that the Sunnyside staff were happy with the chairs and that they were easy to clean, lightweight and easy to move. Dir. Marsh would like the chairs to be colorful and recommended that the chairs with rollers be a different color that the chairs without rollers. Dir. Bartel commented that he thinks they are quality chairs and an excellent choice.

The board discussed color options for the chairs and Dir. Troeh suggested that the board let the staff pick the colors. There was a general consensus that the board would like there to be at least 3 different colors of chairs.

LD Kinnamon clarified that the purchase of the chairs would come out of the 2012/13 budget.

Dir. Bartel moved to authorize LD Kinnamon to purchase 52 Herman Miller chairs for use in the Flora Room. Dir. Marsh seconded the motion. The motion passed with 4 yes, and 0 no.

Library Hours of Operation

LD Kinnamon explained that it is difficult to expand hours of operation without hiring more staff because the either the current staff is restricted in the number of hours they are allowed to work or that some staff do not want to work additional hours. She has recently hired two on-call staff. LD Kinnamon also stated that opening earlier would prevent adequate time for the monthly staff meeting, one that she sees as crucial to staff communication.

Dir. Bartel stated that a good collection and hours open to the public are good ways to get people into the library.

The board discussed ways to add more hours.

LD Kinnamon’s proposed hours of operation:

10am to 7pm, Monday through Thursday

10am to 5pm, Friday

11am to 5pm, Saturday and Sunday

This is a total of 55 hours.

Dir. Bartel recommended coming to the next meeting prepared to discuss the number of hours the directors would like the Library to be open and ways to accomplish this.

Pres. Sager asked LD Kinnamon to see how it would affect the budget to go to 55 hours.

Dir. Troeh sees the value of staff meetings and doesn’t want to impede them.

LD Kinnamon stated that she would consider starting the staff meeting at 8:30 a.m.

The board tabled this discussion and decision until the next meeting.

New Business

Moving to the Acquisitions model for materials ordering and processing

LD Kinnamon stated that she had nothing else to add on this topic other than what she had explained previously during the meeting.

President and Trustee Comments

Pres. Sager thanked everyone for coming and stated that she has been hearing via her list-serves that publishers are changing their position on e-books which will be helpful to libraries.

Dir. Troeh said that she had the best time and enjoyed the sense of community volunteering at the book sale. She said that everyone did a great job and lots of people were purchasing. Two people even mentioned to her that the deciding factor in their moving to Estacada was the Library. She is excited about the good work continuing.

Dir. Marsh said it is good to have book sales and she hopes to have a lot of Friends when the group is formed.

Dir. Bartel stated that he is glad to rebuild and repair trust with the community and he looks forward to that continuing.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:43 p.m.

Next Meeting:Thursday, May 23, 2013, 5:30 pm in the Flora Room