December Minutes

Estacada Public Library Board of Trustees

Meeting Minutes – APPROVED

December 27, 2012, 5:30 p.m.

Flora Community Room

Meeting Called to Order

Pres. Sager called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm.

Present:  Dir. Kraig Bartel, Dir. Earlean Marsh, Pres. Suzanne Sager, Dir. Janet Bowen,
Asst to CM Melanie Wagner

Absent:  Dir. Jane Troeh, Interim Library Director Michele Kinnamon

Review of minutes from the November 29 meeting

Pres. Sager thanked everyone for coming to the meeting and presented the minutes from the November 29, 2012 meeting for review by the board. Dir. Marsh made a motion to approve the November 29, 2012 meeting minutes as presented. Dir. Bowen seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Public Input

Lynne Kamerman, 21600 SE Coop Rd – Ms. Kamerman volunteered to make name tags for the board members including the seat designations for use at the board meetings. She asked if that would be alright. Pres. Sager said that she would follow up with Ms. Kamerman concerning the name tags.

Director’s Report

In Interim LD Kinnamon’s absence, Pres. Sager presented the Director’s Report.

  • There is no news about the board training yet. Interim LD Kinnamon is waiting for a reply from her contact.
  • New copiers for the workroom and the public have been acquired. Both copiers are leased and will save a substantial amount of money on toner alone since toner is supplied as part of the lease agreement.
  • Interim LD Kinnamon received the recommendation from Network regarding the purchase of new computers. The cost will be $1,200 per computer and she will place an order when Network staff is back in the office next week. She will also prepare a funding request for the Literary Foundation.
  • There was an update on requests that have been made or are planning to be made to the Literary Foundation.
  • There is a used book sale planned for March 2013. Books for sale will include Library discards and donations received in 2012.
  • In November the Chapter 2 used book sales brought in $211.75.
  • In response to Dir. Bowen’s concerns voiced at the last board meeting, there was a sign added to the donation jar at the circulation desk indicating that donations are for future expansion and technology upgrades. Interim LD Kinnamon is also working with the City Recorder to account more specifically for donations and revenue in the Expense and Revenue Report.

Pres. Sager asked if there were any questions on the general ledger and statistics reports, and suggested that it would be more helpful to compare the current month with the same month in the previous year, rather than with the preceding month. (For example November 2012/November 2011 rather than November 2012/October 2012)

After discussion, there was a general consensus that it would be preferable to have a year to year comparison.

Pres. Sager will ask Interim LD Kinnamon for the current and previous month statistics compared to the same months last year.

Dir. Bartel noted in the budget that in all categories the current amount spent is not yet nearing 50% even though we are nearly half way through the fiscal year. With the exception of Summer Reading Program funding, he would like to see the funds spent more evenly throughout the year.

Dir. Bowen asked Dir. Bartel if perhaps he would recommend expanding the open hours of the Library. He said that he would like to see a consistent opening time. There was a general consensus that we are very fortunate compared to other libraries, many of which are reducing hours or are open less than 7 days a week.

Old Business

Board Training

Pres. Sager noted that according to Interim LD Kinnamon’s report there is no new information about this.

Bylaws Update

Pres. Sager stated that the board was waiting for more information from the city before proceeding with a discussion on the bylaws.

Dir. Bartel recommended that the board postpone their work on the bylaws in order to spend time working on the budget. He was pleased at the last meeting to hear that the board is willing to work on the budget rather than forming a committee for that purpose, and suggested that the board hold a work session before the next regular meeting.

Dir. Bowen recommended involving City Recorder Carey in the process to help with the basic budget information.

Pres. Sager will check with CR Carey to see when she will be available.

Dir. Marsh stated that she prefers to hold the work session just before the next board meeting. There was a general consensus that this would be good.

Dir. Bartel stated that he had previously recommended appointing a maintenance committee; however after further consideration he is not sure that volunteers would be the best option for that. He stated that since there is funding budgeted for maintenance, he would like to have the board work on a maintenance plan after they finish with the budget work unless the Strategic Planning Committee has adequately addressed the issue.

New Business

There was none.

President and Trustee Comments

Pres. Sager thanked everyone for coming to the meeting and she looks forward to a great new year. She said that she felt they had accomplished a lot by meeting tonight.

Dir. Bartel wished everyone a happy new year, as did Dir. Marsh and Dir. Bowen.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:58 pm.

Next Meeting:             January 24, 2013, 5:30 pm, Flora Community Room