February 23 Minutes

Estacada Public Library

Board of Trustees

Meeting Minutes

February 23, 2012

Flora Community Room, 5 p.m.


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 5:05 p.m. by Chair Hardman.

Present:  Chair Karen Hardman, Dir. Janet Bowen, Dir. Earlean Marsh, Library Director Anna Stavinoha, City Manager Bill Elliott, Asst. to the City Manager Melanie Wagner, City Council Liaison Sean Drinkwine.

Chair Hardman announced that Director Greg Johnson has resigned, and that the City will be advertising for the open position. She also stated that Library Board Applicant Suzanne Sager will be here and will be introduced. Johnni Reynolds, in the audience, asked if prior applicants for the Board could be considered. Chair Hardman said that prior applicants could be called to see if they are still interested in being considered.

Public Input

Barbara Bartel, 38200 Coupland Road, Estacada: Ms. Bartel stated that the Strategic Plan was not on the agenda, and she would like to see the process moving forward.

The Board had a brief discussion of the Strategic Plan Committee Application, and it was decided that LD Stavinoha would send the application to the Directors via email for approval with the revisions that had been previously suggested in order to be able to distribute the applications to the public prior to the next Board meeting.

Kraig Bartel asked if Public Comment would be allowed at the end of the meeting. Chair Hardman confirmed that she would allow time at the end.

Reading of the Minutes from the February 9th Meeting

Chair Hardman asked for a motion to approve the minutes. Dir. Marsh requested that the February 9, 2012 minutes be amended to reflect that she stated that revisions to the bylaws should only be proposed at a regularly scheduled Board meeting and then approved at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting, rather than “discussed and approved at a regularly scheduled meeting.”

Dir. Marsh made a motion to approve the minutes as amended. Dir. Bowen seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Library Director’s Report

Library Statistics: LD Stavinoha reported that there was a 20% increase over last January’s patron registrations, and there was a 23% increase in check-outs. Some of the other numbers were down. She also reported that there were 4,626 visits to the Library website in January however she doesn’t have statistics for last January. She commented that there has been an uptick in patrons coming in because the Sandy Library has been closed for their move to the remodeled building. Saturday, March 10, is the grand opening for Sandy’s Library. Chair Hardman asked about sending a congratulations card or flowers.

There was a discussion regarding the cost of purchasing e-books and the number of times an e-book could be checked out.

Dir. Marsh asked about the frequency of requests for assistance to download material to electronic devices, and about the use of the newly purchased laptops. Michele Kinnamon answered that she gets requests about Kindles/Nooks/MP3 devices all the time. She also said that only two of the laptops are available for use because the other three are still at Network waiting for software to be installed.

There was a discussion about job requirements for part-time staff regarding computer knowledge.

Expense and Revenue Ledger: LD Stavinoha reported that the Library has currently received $550,195 which is 87% of the disbursement from the County, and that the Library is in good shape with the budget to date.

Building Update: LD Stavinoha reported that the cracks in the north and south walls and in the ceiling had been repaired. An electrical problem with a hanging light was also repaired. She stated that the School District would be loaning the Library a lift so that the fans, lights and ceiling beams could be dusted and cleaned. There was a brief discussion concerning liability and safety measures for the use of the lift.

New Business:

Library Board Greg Johnson Resignation: Chair Hardman announced that she was sad to see Dir. Johnson resign, but that she understood that outside commitments and family needs come first.

Press Release about the new hours starting in March:  LD Stavinoha stated that she had made a mathematical error in the press release that was sent out. The decrease in funding for the Library was approximately 10%, not 23% as was reported in the newspaper. She will be going to the City Council meeting to clarify this.

Budget Discussion:  LD Stavinoha stated that she had put together some initial budget numbers. She gave an overview of this initial budget proposal to the Board. The Board discussed the expenses paid to the City. LD Stavinoha explained that according to the ALA, 60-70% of the budget should be allocated to staff and wages. The Estacada Library is in that range. She explained that staffing accounts for 57% of the entire budget. She also stated that if the contingency line item was not included, staffing would account for 71% of the budget.

Dir. Marsh asked about ways to trim the budget. LD Stavinoha explained that there aren’t many line items to look over and that decreasing staff is really the only way to make an impact.

LD Stavinoha explained the Collection Development line item, and stated that she would like to expand Collection Development in the 2012-13 fiscal year.

Chair Hardman requested the Board to take the budget information home for study and to bring it back to the next meeting for discussion.

LD Stavinoha also requested that the Board would review the budget information and let her know if they had any questions.

Foundation – no money to the Library. Will they honor previous promises? Chair Hardman informed the Board that the Foundation will not be giving any more money to the Estacada Public Library but will be honoring prior commitments. Dir. Marsh confirmed this information and stated that Linda Arnett has requested the invoices for the previously approved purchases.

LDAC meeting on February 9 report from Kraig Bartel: Mr. Bartel handed out a written report. He stated that the main topic at the LDAC meeting on February 9 was the logistics for Damascus joining the District. He briefed the Board on some of the issues related to Damascus joining the District.

Mr. Bartel also stated that the City Manager could challenge the census numbers with the County in an effort to regain some of the funding that was lost, but it might not be a worthwhile effort. He stated that the County as a whole had decreased in population and that there was a trend for people to move toward the larger cities.

Old Business:

New Board Member vote – Suzanne Sager: Chair Hardman introduced Library Board Applicant Suzanne Sager to the Board and LD Stavinoha.

Chair Hardman made a motion to recommend Ms. Sager to the City Council for appointment to the Library Board of Trustees. Dir. Bowen seconded the motion. The motion passed with two yes votes. Dir. Marsh did not vote.

Public Input:

Kraig Bartel, 38200 Coupland Road, Estacada: Mr. Bartel stated that the cuts in the budget proposed so far have been in wages to the part time staff and in hours to the public. He stated that he thinks it is unfair that management staff hasn’t taken cuts. He stated that he respectfully asks the Board to look at the three person management team which will consume 40% of the County distribution in 2012-2013. He would like the Library to provide the best service to the community and he wants to see sacrifice from the management team also.

LD Stavinoha read a statement that she and Ms. Kinnamon had written regarding the value of the management staff. Mr. Bartel responded that it is his opinion that the Library can’t afford it.

Trustees and President Comments:

Chair Hardman stated that the Library is a service organization and depends on staff. She stated that the Library has had two librarians for the past 12 years.

There was a discussion about the number of staff and volunteers. The Friends of the Library group was mentioned as a way to increase volunteer hours.

Councilor Drinkwine asked about scheduling a workshop with the Library Board and the City Council.

It was decided that the Library Board would meet with the City Council on Monday, March 12, 2012, at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

It was announced that the next Friends of the Library meeting is Wednesday, March 21, 2012.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:40 p.m.

Next Meeting: Thursday, March 22, 2012, 5 p.m., Library Flora Room