February 9 Minutes

Estacada Public Library

Board of Trustees


February 9, 2012

Flora Community Room, 5:30 PM

DRAFT – Revised 2/15/2012

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 5:33pm by Chair Hardman.

Present:  Chair Karen Hardman, Dir. Janet Bowen, Dir. Earlean Marsh,
Dir. Greg Johnson, Library Director Anna Stavinoha,

City Manager Bill Elliott, Asst to the City Manager Melanie Wagner

Chair Hardman extended her appreciation to Joe Cotter for his assistance with putting away the tables and chairs after the Board’s last meeting, and for the kind letter he had written.

Chair Hardman announced that the meeting would vary from the agenda in that an extended time for Public Input would be allowed later in the meeting.

Reading of the Minutes from the January 5th and January 26th Meetings

Chair Hardman asked the Board if they had read the minutes, and if there was a motion to approve the minutes. Dir. Bowen made a motion to approve the January 5th and January 26th meeting minutes. Dir. Johnson seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Old Business:

New Board Member applications and recommendation for City Council: Chair Hardman stated that she had hoped to introduce the applicant for the open position on the Board. There had been two other applicants, but both had withdrawn so Suzanne Sager is the only candidate and she had not yet arrived at the meeting. Shirley Burke, who was in attendance, identified herself as one of the other two applicants, and stated that she had withdrawn because she could not attend a meeting on the 4th Thursday of the month, which is when the Board meets.

Library Bylaws and Policy Revision: Dir. Hardman gave an explanation of how the need to revise the Bylaws came about. The history she recounted went back a few of years and included LD Stavinoha’s inability to relocate to Estacada, the involvement of the Estacada Library Foundation in financially supporting the construction of the new Library building, an issue between the Library Board and the Estacada Library Foundation involving a sign, and an issue between the Library Board and the Estacada Library Foundation involving a display case. During this explanation, Linda Arnett interrupted Chair Hardman, accused her of lying, and left the meeting. Chair Hardman resumed her remarks.  She stated that the two final incidences that culminated in the formation of the bylaw revision committee were 1) It was brought to the attention of the Board that the Library purchased a Kindle without prior Board authorization although prior Board authorization is not required for such purchase per the City’s Procurement Policy, and 2) it was pointed out that the Board didn’t follow the Agenda for a meeting as specified in the Bylaws. This led Chair Hardman along with Dir. Bowen to volunteer during the January 5, 2012 Board meeting to meet with City Manager Bill Elliott for the chief purpose of revising the Bylaws to bring them into alignment with City policy and State law.

Dir. Marsh stated that she was not in favor of any of the proposed changes and asked if the proposed changes to the Bylaws could just be tabled.

Chair Hardman said that they could.

Dir. Marsh also stated that she believes the Bylaws should only be discussed and approved at a regularly scheduled Board meeting.

Dir. Marsh made a motion that the Library Board Bylaws be left exactly as they are and that the proposed changes be rejected at this time. Dir. Bowen seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Dir. Marsh stated the she would need to leave the meeting early due to another meeting that was regularly scheduled for this evening, and that she does not use email so it is not a good way to try to contact her.

Dir. Johnson commented that there are a few places in the Bylaws that do need to be changed in order to align with City policy and State Law.

Dir. Marsh asked if the rules had changed because the Bylaws were written not too long ago.

CM Bill Elliott stated that the City Council adopted a purchasing policy just last year, but that the State Law has always been the same concerning the Budget Committee.

CM Elliott also pointed out that this discussion came about because the Board appointed a committee; however they were never given the opportunity to explain why the specific changes were proposed. He stated that he is agreeable to leaving the Bylaws as written for a later review.

Public Input:

Chair Hardman opened the meeting for public input and stated that the public could speak for as long as they want about any topic, but to please refrain from negative comments about other people.

Malana Ganz, Wildcat Mountain Rd, Eagle Creek: Ms. Ganz read a letter that she had written recommending a packet for new Board members training. She also stated that she would like to be on the Strategic Planning Committee and that she recommends only requiring one member of the Board to live inside city limits.

Joseph Cotter, 31810 SE Wildcat Mt Road, Eagle Creek:  Mr. Cotter thanked the Board for making the decision that they did and he hopes that if there are changes that need to be made that a dialogue could take place.

Johnni Reynolds, 21755 SE Coop Rd , Eagle Creek:  Ms. Reynolds stated that she is thrilled to see the bylaws left intact, however she is concerned that there are procedures that are not being followed in the areas of budget and oversight of expenditures.

Dennis Weber, 450 NE Pierce, Estacada:  Mr. Weber introduced himself and stated that he is a former Library Board Director. He said that he would like to help in any way that he can and gave the Board his phone number.

Lynn Kammerman, Coop Rd, Eagle Creek:  Ms. Kammerman asked the Board if the Library Board Applicant, Suzanne Sager, would be sitting on the Board prior to being appointed by the City Council. Chair Hardman answered no, that she only wanted to introduce Ms. Sager to the Board this evening.

Sherie Vandewiele, Eagle Creek:  Ms. Vandewiele commented that it seemed like there was a lot of fear about discussing the Bylaws. She said that she has sat on Boards with difficult topics to discuss, and that she would like to see a discussion with more openness and a lack of fear.

Shirley Burke, 1025 NW Cazadero Ct, Estacada: Ms. Burke stated that she has heard comments from the community that the Library isn’t as clean as it should be. She would like to see more communication to the public about how the Library is addressing issues like this.
Sherry Girdner: Ms. Girdner stated that she volunteers once a week at the Library. After she is finished shelving, she dusts the shelves so she knows it is a continual process to keep them clean.

Barbara Bartel, 38200 Coupland Road, Estacada: Ms. Bartel stated that she is a little disappointed that the Library chose to announce the new hours before ratification with the City Council. She also stated that the current edition of the newspaper and Facebook have inaccuracies.

Dir. Johnson stated that he believes the Library hours should only be cut if needed and that he is hoping to restore some hours.

There was a brief discussion of how the hours to be cut were chosen and how that will save money in this fiscal year.

Joe Cotter:  Mr. Cotter recommended that Library Board Members would apply for the Budget Committee when an opening comes up.

New Business:

Database and cultural pass requests for the Foundation:  Dir. Stavinoha stated that the Library Foundation has historically funded the purchase of some databases and cultural passes. She would like to ask that the Board approve a request to be made to the Library Foundation for the purchase of a database and cultural passes.

Chair Hardman made a motion that staff would make a formal request to the Library Foundation for databases and cultural passes. Dir. Marsh seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Sean Drinkwine, 421 SE Cedar Creek Lane, Estacada:  Councilor Drinkwine said that he appreciated everything that was said this evening and he is in full support of this Library running well and without contention. He is willing to work with anybody and everybody in order to reduce the tension and anger that he felt in the room earlier. He feels that the bylaw issue can be resolved with more time to look at it together and understand it.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:33 pm.

Next Meeting: Thursday, February 23, 2012, 5:30 pm, Library Flora Room