February Minutes

Estacada Public Library Board of Trustees

Meeting Minutes – APPROVED

February 28, 2013, 5:30 p.m.

Flora Community Room

Meeting Called to Order Pres. Sager called the meeting to order at 5:32 p.m.

Present:  Dir. Kraig Bartel, Dir. Janet Bowen, Dir. Earlean Marsh, Pres. Suzanne Sager, Dir. Jane Troeh, Interim Library Director Michele Kinnamon, City Recorder Denise Carey, Asst. to CM Melanie Wagner, City Council Liaison Mayor Brent Dodrill


Review of minutes from the January 24, 2013 meeting Pres. Sager presented the minutes from the January 24, 2013 meeting for review by the board. Dir. Marsh made a motion to approve the January 24, 2013 meeting minutes as presented. Dir. Troeh seconded the motion. The motion passed with 5 yes and 0 no.

Public Input – None


Director’s Report

Interim Library Director Kinnamon presented the Director’s Report.

  • Interim LD Kinnamon gave the Board a summary of the recent work performed by Librarian Annie Sprague. This included meetings and presentations to teachers and students at Eagle Creek Elementary, Clackamas River Elementary and Red Barn Preschool. She also restructured deliveries for the homebound program, planned a Teen Council and worked to create a useful and welcoming teen space.
  • Regarding the Strategic Plan, Interim LD Kinnamon is working on a first draft. Strategic Planning committee members who responded to a request for input wanted to meet after a draft version of the Plan was written.
  • The request for a grant to make computer purchases for the library was presented to the Estacada Area Literary Foundation and was tabled by the Foundation pending further information.
  • Interim LD Kinnamon reviewed the statistics spreadsheets with the Board.
  • LINCC directors decided to allocate more collection development funds to Library2Go, the county’s eBook service, so patrons would have better access to eBooks and experience fewer holds on Library2Go materials. Estacada’s contribution is $3,000.
  • Interim LD Kinnamon explained that the collection development budget is very large, with approx. 350-450 items potentially added to the collection per month. Three part-time staff, two that also have circulation desk duties, process these materials.
  • Dir. Bartel expressed his concern about waiting until the last third of the fiscal year to make the majority of purchases for the collection. He suggested the possibility of bringing Librarian Annie Sprague up to full-time or hiring another staff person. He also commented that he is not seeing programs at the Estacada Library like the other libraries in the district are sponsoring.
  • Dir. Bartel requested that Interim LD Kinnamon list items she will be discussing in the Director’s Report on the agenda.

Old Business

Book Sale Update

The book sale date has been changed to allow for more time to weed the collection and to organize volunteers. Interim LD Kinnamon has arranged to rent a truck to move the books from storage to the library. The cost for the truck will be $19.95 a day and $.89/mile. Mileage will not be a significant cost since storage is close to the library. A volunteer meeting will be held on March 16th at 1 p.m.  in the Flora Room, and the book sale is April 20 & 21 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Board Training Update

Interim LD Kinnamon presented the options for the board training through the Nonprofit Association of Oregon. The choices are a 2-3 hour overview of board effectiveness to be scheduled as soon as the facilitator’s schedule allows, or a more in-depth (3-4 hour) workshop following the review of the Library Board Bylaws.

Dir. Troeh suggested that they proceed with the more basic workshop since the length of time for the Bylaw review is uncertain.

The Board agreed and directed Interim LD Kinnamon to schedule the training. Saturday is the preferred day for the workshop.


New Business

Guest: Kwang Kye, Manager, Clackamas County Library Network on the BTOP fiber optic project

Mr. Kye provides basic support services for the libraries in the County Network. He explained that the Broadband Technology Opportunity Program (BTOP) can operate at 10 gigabytes up and down. This will be limited by the computers and connections in the library so will probably be realistically 100 Mb up and down. Right now the Library District is only paying for 50 Mb because that is all that is actually being used. Interim LD Kinnamon asked Mr. Kye how this project would benefit the library. Mr. Kye said that the library will have faster and more stable access to the Internet. Currently the library’s service is through Reliance Connects. With the new service it would go through Clackamas ESD, and with the high bandwidth he anticipates a great benefit including being able to share programming opportunities with the other libraries. The time frame for the completion of the project is early March. As far as ongoing costs, the library should plan and budget to replace the equipment in eight years. Mr. Kye expressed his opinion that it is a great value because of the BTOP program and the County Library Network will be paying for the “last mile” because they believe in the value of this for Estacada.

Dir. Bartel remarked that he is completely in favor of this phenomenal opportunity, and the Board thanked Mr. Kye and LINCC for affording the Estacada Library this great opportunity.



CR Denise Carey passed out budget spreadsheets. She said that this is really early to be putting the 2014 budget together but leaves time for discussion. CR Carey described the budget development process and said that she is a very conservative estimator. CR Carey has been informed by the County that the Library will receive a distribution of $597,500 for the 2014 fiscal year, and walked the Board through each line item in the budget.

CR Carey explained that the line items will continue to be adjusted a small amount until May or June when the budget will be finalized and adopted. She asked if the Board had any questions, and encouraged them to stop by City Hall and see her if they have questions later.

The Board expressed interest in increasing the library hours of operation and in having a 3rd fulltime staff member. CR Carey encouraged the Board to discuss what they would like to see and said she can adjust the line items based on their recommendation. She also said that it would be easy to set up a Library Reserve Fund that would be restricted for future facility and equipment needs.

It was recommended that the Board schedule a workshop early in March to put forth their ideas. Then Interim LD Kinnamon would bring back the adjusted budget to the regular Board meeting in March.

Pres. Sager commented that the budget looks really good. All the Board members appreciated the format and transparency of the proposed budget.

The Board thanked CR Carey, and scheduled a workshop for Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 7 p.m. in the Flora Room.

Friends of the Library

Dir. Troeh said that she would be happy to be part of organizing a ‘Friends of the Library’ group.

Interim LD Kinnamon shared some information and benefits of having a friends group and stated that she is very interested in and supportive of a Friends group.

Dir. Marsh recommended doing some work with the volunteers right away so they have a sense of accomplishment.

Dir. Bartel said that he would get back in touch with Michael Bourgo, a person who previously researched organizing a Friends group for the library. He assembled a manual and worked with some area residents to this task. He is no longer in the area but Dir. Bartel thought Mr. Bourgo might be willing to share the information he compiled.

Use of Small Conference Room

Interim LD Kinnamon would like to better define rules for the use of the small conference room because some requests have been made that fall outside its intended purpose. The request would make it unavailable for others during peak usage times. It is a room that gets a lot of use for small meetings and test proctoring.

The Board discussed the appropriate use of the room, recommended posting the rules in/near the room, and asked Interim LD Kinnamon to present the Board with a written recommendation for the use of the room at the next Board meeting.

Hours of Operation

The Board decided to discuss the hours of operation at the workshop on March 12, 2013.


President and Trustee Comments

Pres. Sager thanked everyone for coming to the meeting and congratulated Interim LD Kinnamon on being appointed as the permanent library director.

Dir. Troeh congratulated Interim LD Kinnamon on her appointment. She reminded the Board that there used to be a library column in the Estacada News once a month or so, and she feels that this would be more effective than just having the library schedule in the calendar section. Staff or Board members could do the writing and she feels that having a submission to the newspaper in addition to the library blog would cover all the bases.

Dir. Bowen stated that she hopes for continued use of the library, even though e-books are wonderful things!

Dir. Bartel thanked the Estacada Area Literary Foundation members for their continued support of all the reading programs in our area.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:13 p.m.