January 2012 Minutes

Estacada Public Library

Board of Trustees

Minutes – Draft

January 5, 2012

Flora Community Room, 5 p.m.

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 5:03 pm by Chair Hardman.

Present:           Chair Karen Hardman, , Dir. Janet Bowen, Dir. Earlean Marsh,

Library Director Anna Stavinoha, Asst to the City Manager Melanie Wagner

Absent:            Dir. Greg Johnson

Reading of the Minutes from the December Meeting

Dir. Hardman gave the Board time to review the minutes from the December meetings, and asked if there were any additions or corrections to note. There were none.

Dir. Marsh made a motion to approve the minutes. Dir. Bowen seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Additions to the Agenda: There were no additions.

Public Input:
Barbara Bartel, 38200 Coupland Road, Estacada: Ms. Bartel commented that according to the bylaws, the Public Input item should take place prior to the reading of the minutes. She had three items that she believed should have been included in the agenda: 1) Board approval for the purchase of a Kindle, 2) Progress report on the Library Maintenance Plan, 3) Board response to the formation of a ‘Friends of the Library’ group.

Malana Ganz, Wild Cat Mountain Drive, Eagle Creek:  Ms. Ganz commented that a minor purchase such as a Kindle doesn’t need to be approved by the Board in her experience as former Chair of the Library Board.

Kraig Bartel, 38200 SE Coupland Road, Estacada:  Mr. Bartel read line-item 5 under Trustees in the Library Board Bylaws concerning purchases, and asked where the line is between incidental expenditures and expenditures needing Board approval.

Chair Hardman asked City Manager Elliott to address Mr. Bartel’s question.

CM Elliott stated that according to the City Purchasing Policy LD Stavinoha may authorize purchases up to $2,500. He recommended that the Library Board Bylaws be brought into concurrency with the City policies.

Dir. Bowen and Chair Hardman stated that they would like to work with CM Elliott to accomplish this.

LD Stavinoha addressed Michael Bourgo, who was in attendance, and informed him that the ALA has a manual about starting a ‘Friends of the Library’ group and stated that it is available for check-out. Mr. Bourgo commented that the ALA was a major source for the research he had been doing.

Library Director’s Report:

Library Statistics: LD Stavinoha reported on Library statistics for the past month.

Expense and Revenue Ledger: LD Stavinoha reported on the expense/revenue ledger. She stated that the Library will receive it’s disbursement from the District soon, and that the Library has not exceeded its cash carryover amount from the previous fiscal year. CM Elliott commended staff’s efforts for managing the finances so well.

Director’s Group meeting in December: LD Stavinoha reported that she was not able to attend the meeting due to illness, but she gave an overview of the minutes.

Building Update – Fireplace:  LD Stavinoha reported that the fireplace has not been working properly, and that a maintenance company is coming out on January 11th to service it.

Programming Updates:  Ms. Fleenor gave an update on the children/teens programming including purchases made with Library Foundation grants, story time resuming, and the interest in beginning a Teen Advisory Committee.

Ms. Kinnamon reported on upcoming adult programming including scheduled events, expanding computer assistance with the aid of a volunteer tutor, and Library Foundation grant purchases.

Old Business:

New Board Member applications and recommendation for City Council:  Chair Hardman requested to postpone this agenda item until the next Library Board meeting which will be January 26, 2012. Dir. Marsh commented that she would like to meet the applicants before making a recommendation to the City Council.

Materials Selection Policy Review:  LD Stavinoha stated that she has reviewed the Material Selection Policy and would like to make it more specific. She included a draft policy in the packet for the Board’s review. LD Stavinoha will email the current and proposed policies to the Board Members to prepare for a discussion at the next meeting.

Bags in the Library – totes, backpacks, large purses, etc.:  LD Stavinoha reported that the rule requiring patrons to leave backpacks and large bags at the front door has become unenforceable as there is not a secure place to leave the bags. Staff has considered posting a sign stating that bags may be inspected if there is a suspicion that non-checked-out materials are in the bag.  Ms. Fleenor gave examples of a few specific difficulties they have had with enforcement. Dir. Marsh asked if there are statistics that indicate the extent of the possible loss. LD Stavinoha indicated that she could run a report on “lost items.” It will not be exclusive to stolen items, but may give an indication of how serious the problem is.

Strategic Plan Book and Committee Application:  LD Stavinoha announced that there is a book available for check out about creating a strategic plan.

Chair Hardman stated that updating the Strategic Plan will be a labor intensive process and that they need to assemble a diverse group of people. She requested that the review of the application be set forward to the next meeting so that Dir. Johnson can be involved.

Seminar for New Board Members in Portland:  LD Stavinoha highly recommended the seminar which will take place in Portland in February.

ALA Membership – please get your forms to Anna:  LD Stavinoha stated that Board Members are encouraged to join and requested that the application forms be turned in as soon as possible.

New Business:

Public Participation Guidelines:  Chair Hardman explained the guidelines for speaking during the Public Input times which are agenda items at the beginning and end of the meeting. She also stated that the Library Board Meetings are “meetings held in public” and not “public meetings.”

Discussion of new date for meeting due to budget information timing:  There was a brief discussion of changing the meeting schedule to accommodate the monthly financial reports. It was determined that the 4th Thursday of each month at 5pm would be feasible. The next meeting will be January 26, 2012.

Holds and Self-Check Issues:  LD Stavinoha reported that DVD’s have been repeatedly stolen from the Holds section. She canvassed other libraries to gain insight on ways to solve this problem, and has decided to keep DVD’s that are on hold behind the desk.

Database Updates for the District:  LD Stavinoha reported that she and Ms. Kinnamon have been attending meetings to make recommendations for the District’s database choices. The recommendations will now be presented to the Library Director’s Group.

Library Survey:  LD Stavinoha explained that the Library Survey is a preliminary step in the Strategic Plan Update. She presented a possible survey to the Board for review and suggestions. The survey will be discussed at the next meeting. There was a brief discussion about the possible ways to distribute the survey.

Library District Advisory Council Meeting – written report? LD Stavinoha suggested that it may be beneficial to have a written report of LDAC’s meeting to share with the Board. LDAC Representative Kraig Bartel said that he could provide a link to the LDAC minutes as they are now being posted online. He then asked questions relating to library staffing and budget, and informed the Library Board that the LDAC would be having a special meeting on January 11th to discuss the 2010 Census results and possible impacts on the Library District.

Mr. Bartel stated that the next regular meeting of the LDAC would be on February 9th at 5:30 and invited the Board to attend the meeting if they would like.

CM Elliott commented concerning the budget that the City Council adopted a 10% contingency requirement for each department which has been met by the Library because of the amount of cash carry-forward it has, but that the Board may want to consider adding a “Rainy Day Fund” to be designated in the upcoming budget.

Chair Hardman asked if there were any final comments.

There were none.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:20 pm.

Next Meeting: Thursday, January 26, 2012, 5:00 pm, Library Flora Room