January 24 Work Session Minutes


Estacada Public Library

Board of Trustees

Workshop Minutes – Draft

January 24, 2012

Small Conference Room, 5 p.m.

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 5 p.m. by Chair Hardman.

Present:           Chair Karen Hardman, Dir. Janet Bowen, Dir. Earlean Marsh,
Dir. Greg Johnson, Library Director Anna Stavinoha

LD Stavinoha handed out a draft revision of the Library Board Bylaws and Policies for the Board to look over in preparation for discussion at the next Board meeting, scheduled for January 26, 2012.

LD Stavinoha explained that as a result of the 2010 Census the allocation for the Estacada Public Library will be reduced by approximately $62,300 for the Fiscal Year 2012-13. To prepare for this, LD Stavinoha presented the Board with several scenarios for budgeting purposes.

The Board discussed the options presented which included reducing the hours of operation for the Library, not rehiring for the Youth Services Coordinator position which will be vacant in the near future, utilizing more volunteers, and increasing staff responsibilities.

The Board requested that LD Stavinoha prepare a summary of the scenarios to present at the Board Meeting on January 26, 2012.


The workshop was adjourned at 6:15 pm.