January 26 Minutes

Estacada Public Library

Board of Trustees

Minutes – Draft

January 26, 2012

Flora Community Room, 5 p.m.

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m. by Chair Hardman.

Present:           Chair Karen Hardman, Dir. Janet Bowen, Dir. Earlean Marsh,
Dir. Greg Johnson, Library Director Anna Stavinoha,

City Manager Bill Elliott, Asst to the City Manager Melanie Wagner

Public Input:
Barbara Bartel, 38200 Coupland Road, Estacada: Ms. Bartel welcomed Councilor Sean Drinkwine and wished him success as the new liaison between the Library Board and the City Council.

Sean Drinkwine, 421 SE Cedar Creek Lane, Estacada:  Councilor Drinkwine introduced himself and stated that he is pleased to be filling the role as the Council Liaison to the Board.

Dennis Weber, 450 NE Pierce, Estacada:  Mr. Webber stated that he was attending the Board meeting because he had heard that there were conflicts between the Board and the City, and he wanted to observe what is taking place.

Joseph Cotter, 31810 SE Wildcat Mt Road, Eagle Creek:  Mr. Cotter stated that he would like to be able to comment on the proposed changes to the bylaws but because they were not made available prior to the meeting, he was not able to be prepared to comment or ask questions. He stated he would like to have the opportunity to read the proposed changes and make comments or ask questions.

Chair Hardman stated that the proposed revisions to the by-laws were not going to be adopted at this meeting, so there would be time for additional review and comment.

Johnni Reynolds, 21755 SE Coop Rd , Eagle Creek:  Ms. Reynolds commented that she had not had an opportunity to review the proposed bylaw changes prior to this meeting because they were not made available, and she believes that a proposal to change the bylaws merits a public meeting and discussion.

Kraig Bartel, 38200 SE Coupland Road, Estacada:  Mr. Bartel stated that he finds the process shocking and appalling that the proposed changes to the bylaws are being presented without any public review. He stated that the original bylaws were crafted very carefully to comply with Oregon State Law and he is disappointed that the changes are being made so quickly. He does not understand why there is a need to change the bylaws. He requested that the Board would please postpone voting on this because it appears that the proposed changes are striking language that is required by the OLA.

Chair Hardman stated that the Board would not be reviewing the proposed changes tonight except for the way that the agenda is set.

LD Stavinoha pointed out that the majority of the collection development policy appears in the appendix because that allows for more flexibility which is necessary.

Mr. Bartel stated that he strongly disagreed that the policy should be flexible.

Ms. Reynolds asked for clarification that the proposed changes to the by-laws would not be voted on at this meeting.

Chair Hardman confirmed that the bylaws would be discussed further prior to a vote, and that she was not aware of any conflict between the Board and the City.

The Board discussed when they could meet for a workshop on the bylaws. There was a consensus that Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at 5:30pm would be feasible.

Reading of the Minutes from the January 5, 2012 Meeting

The minutes from the January 5th meeting were not included in the packet, however they had been sent via email to the Board members previously. There was a discussion of the procedures for approving the minutes. There was a general consensus that the minutes would not be approved at this meeting, but LD Stavinoha would put them in the packet for the next Board meeting when they could be reviewed and approved.

Additions to the Agenda

There were no additions.

Library Director’s Report:

Library Statistics: LD Stavinoha reported that there were no new statistics since the January 5th meeting.

Expense and Revenue Ledger: LD Stavinoha reported on the expense/revenue ledger. She stated that the Library is in very good shape financially with only 5 months left in the fiscal year. LD Stavinoha also pointed out that for the first time the Library didn’t have to borrow money from the City to cover expenses until the funding from the district was received.

Building Update – aquarium:  LD Stavinoha reported that the aquarium had flooded. There was no damage because it was handled quickly and Service Master came out to do a thorough cleanup. LD Stavinoha and staff have been contemplating replacing the aquarium with other furniture or with a dry habitat to eliminate the risk of future water damage. She has placed the aquarium for sale on Craigslist but has not had any response. There was a general consensus from the Board that it would be good to move toward a dry aquarium or remove it and increase the space for the youth.
Sarah reports on Essential Skills for the New Manager or Supervisor seminar: This report was postponed until the next meeting due to time constraints.

Old Business:

Work Session on budget: LD Stavinoha read a summary to the Board about the anticipated budget cuts and reviewed scenarios that had been discussed at the work session on January 24th, such as reducing operating hours of the Library, decreasing contractual services, and not hiring a new Children’s Coordinator until next year. Additionally, she mentioned several ways to cut smaller amounts from various line items. LD Stavinoha stated that she preferred to begin reducing expenditures this February or March in preparation for the reduced funding for next fiscal year.

The Board discussed the logistics of reducing Library hours to 50 hours a week. They also discussed the loss of hours/pay for part time employees due to this cut. LD Stavinoha stated that part-time employees would have their scheduled hours reduced by four (4) hours per week. The Board discussed implementing the changes starting in March.

Dir. Johnson made a motion recommending adoption of the budget proposal for FY 11/12 implementing changes in March. Dir. Marsh seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Dir. Johnson asked CM Elliott if this decision needed to be ratified by the City Council. CM Elliott stated that he would find out, and it was decided that LD Stavinoha would attend the next City Council meeting on February 13, 2012.

The Board also discussed scheduling a workshop for the preparation of the FY 2012/13 budget request. There was a general consensus that the Board would like to submit a budget request to the City by April 1, 2012, but there is not a specified deadline at this time. The Board will schedule a time to meet for budget preparation after their meeting to discuss the bylaws.

Dir. Johnson asked CM Elliott if the Library Board Treasurer is on the City Budget Committee. CM Elliott explained that the Budget Committee must be appointed by name and that it is against State law to designate a position such at the “Library Board Treasurer” on the Budget Committee. He encouraged Dir. Johnson to participate as a member of the public however.

New Board Member applications:  There were no eligible applications received, and the Board would like to extend the time to apply for two more weeks.

Materials Selection Policy Review:  This discussion was postponed to a later date, which is not specified at this time.

Strategic Plan Committee – Review of Application:  The Board reviewed and commented on the sample application that LD Stavinoha had compiled. Dir. Marsh recommended revising the question “Are you a resident of Estacada?” to read “Are you a resident of the Estacada Library District?” The Board also agreed that it was necessary to add something about the purpose of the committee and expectations of committee members. They commented that it would be helpful to state a timeframe for the process and that they thought it wasn’t necessary for committee members to be age 18 or over.

The Board discussed the process for appointing the sub-committee for the Strategic Plan Update, how often the Plan might need to be updated or revised, and whether the Plan should be general or specific.

Library Maintenance plan progress:  LD Stavinoha stated that this project has not progressed much since the last update, but that she is still working on it.

Library Survey – suggestions:  LD Stavinoha requested that any suggestions be submitted to her for later discussion.

Friends of the Library: Mr. Bartel announced that the Friends group had held their first meeting and per ALA requirements they had elected an interim head which is Michael Bourgo and an interim secretary which is Johnni Reynolds. They will elect a Board later. The group had talked about how to move forward. Ms. Reynolds informed the Board that she has been contacting other Friends groups and reading the ALA book that LD Stavinoha recommended. She stated she is very excited to bring this together.

Chair Hardman asked how the Friends group will compliment the Foundation.

Ms. Reynolds answered that the Foundation is more of a financial resource, and that the Friends group will encourage community involvement.

New Business:

LDAC document from Kraig Bartel:  LD Stavinoha commented on the report that had been sent to the Board and stated that “7.75 FTE” represented the Full Time Equivalent employees and that it is an accurate number. Mr. Bartel stated that historically the Library budget has had 50% of expenditures funding staff and 50% funding all other operations. At this time, Mr. Bartel stated that staffing takes 75% of the budget and everything else makes up 25% of the budget. He said that he believes this is out of balance.

Bylaws and policies amendments review and vote: Chair Hardman stated that the Board would not vote tonight on the proposed bylaw revisions as a whole, but that she would like to propose amending the required agenda to state “Agenda to include the following items and maybe more.”

Dir. Johnson commented that the Board should be able to suspend the rules if something needs more time.

Dir. Marsh stated that she would like to see a public comment section later in the agenda rather than just at the beginning.

Dir. Marsh made a motion to allow more flexibility in the agenda. Dir. Johnson seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Dir. Marsh suggested adding For the Good of the Order, Public Input or Comments near the end of the agenda. There were no objections.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:53 pm.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 7, 2012, 5:30 pm, Library Flora Room