January Minutes

Estacada Public Library Board of Trustees

Meeting Minutes – APPROVED

January 24, 2013, 5:30 p.m.

Flora Community Room

Meeting Called to Order

Pres. Sager called the meeting to order at 5:33 p.m.

Present:  Dir. Kraig Bartel, Dir. Janet Bowen, Dir. Earlean Marsh, Pres. Suzanne Sager, Dir. Jane Troeh, Library Circulation Manager Sarah Hibbert, Asst. to CM Melanie Wagner.

Absent:  Interim Library Director Michele Kinnamon

Review of minutes from the December 27, 2012 meeting

Pres. Sager presented the minutes from the December 27, 2012 meeting for review by the board. Dir. Marsh made a motion to approve the December 27, 2012 meeting minutes as presented. Dir. Bowen seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Public Input – None


Director’s Report

Pres. Sager thanked Sarah Hibbert for making name tags for the board members for use at the board meetings. In Interim LD Kinnamon’s absence, Pres. Sager presented the Director’s Report.

  • The Ford Foundation board member training is being planned. It will require two meetings which will be 90 minutes to 2 hours long. Pres Sager asked the board if Thursday evening meetings or Saturday meetings would work best for them. After discussion it was determined that Saturday meetings would work for everyone.
  • Interim LD Kinnamon is planning to make a funding request to the Estacada Area Literary Foundation for the purchase of six public computers. She has already purchased three staff computers at a cost of $1,169 each.
  • The Library has received a donation in memory of Kim Beaudoin.
  • A used book sale is being planned for March. Books will be brought from the Library’s storage container to be sold in the Flora Room. A call for volunteers will be made for help setting up, taking down and for help during the sale. Interim LD Kinnamon plans to rent a suitably sized truck to facilitate movement of books from the storage container to the library. Dir. Bartel observed that the Estacada Area Literary Foundation has their month-long book sale during March so it might not be the best timing. Sarah Hibbert said that the staff had chosen March because the storage container is near capacity.
  • Regarding building maintenance, the fireplace wouldn’t light so a technician was called to repair it and perform routine maintenance. It is now working; the problem was air in the gas line.
  • In reference to discussion from a previous Board meeting: Former Library Director Stavinoha had started work on a building maintenance plan during her tenure. Interim LD Kinnamon will try to locate it and work on completing it.
  • February is “Food for Fines” month. Small fine amounts may be cleared by donating non-perishable food.
  • The December 2012/December 2011 statistics were presented. Dir. Bartel observed that public computer sessions were down by approximately one third and asked about possibly not needing so many public computers, however he favors having plenty available to the public. The board thanked Ms. Hibbert for putting the statistics together comparing year-to-year. They felt that it was very helpful information to compare and analyze. The board discussed the statistics that were presented and discussed the use of the contingency fund. Dir. Bartel pointed out the carryover fund is being used rather than saved which would be detrimental if it continues that way.
  • The Library Survey was reviewed by the board. Dir. Troeh thanked everyone who put the survey together and collated the responses. She believes it is very good to know what the patrons are thinking. Dir. Bowen stated that there were lots of positive comments. Dir. Troeh also noted that there were very good suggestions. Dir. Bartel would like to see the correlation between the survey and the strategic plan. Dir. Troeh requested a copy of the previous strategic plan. Pres. Sager said that several meetings to work on the update to the strategic plan had been held last summer. Dir. Bartel noted that people commented negatively on the shortened and irregular hours so he would recommend a standard opening time. Dir. Bowen agreed with the recommendation. Pres. Sager commented that in comparison to other libraries Lake Oswego opening times vary, but Oregon City opens at the same time daily.

New Business

Budget Review Process

Pres. Sager stated that this is just a matter of setting a date with City Recorder Denise Carey for a workshop, and that she will contact CR Carey. Dir. Bowen asked if they had all the information they would need to work on the budget. Dir. Bartel and Pres. Sager both believed that all the pertinent information is available.


President and Trustee Comments

Pres. Sager thanked everyone for coming to the meeting and expressed her appreciation for the suggestion of nametags.

Dir. Troeh said that she was impressed by the survey. She said there were good ideas and delightful comments. She believes it is going to be very helpful.

Dir. Marsh commented that it would be nice to make the survey responses available for public review.

Dir. Bowen stated that she especially enjoyed the comments from the children in the survey.

Dir. Bartel thanked Ms. Hibbert for making the nametags. He also stated that he started getting involved with the Library Board because of the “sunshine laws” regarding open meetings. He realizes that this month’s meeting was a little unusual because Interim LD Kinnamon is out-of-town, but he would like to see future agendas be more complete so people will know what the business of the meeting will be.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:17 p.m.