July 2011 Meeting Minutes

Estacada Public Library

Board of Trustees


July 21st, 2011

Small Conference Room, 1:00 PM

Draft Copy

Attending: Janet Bowen, Malana Ganz, Karen Hardman, Gloria Polzin, Anna Stavinoha

Also attending: Bill Elliott, and Brent Dodrill

Absent: Suzanne Mahan

Public: None

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 PM

Reading of the Minutes:

The June Board minutes were read and unanimously approved as written at 1:04 PM

Additions to the agenda: Suzanne Mahan’s resignation from the Board

Suzanne Mahan has resigned from the Board, effective immediately. The Board would like to thank her for her cheerful service throughout her tenure. The open position will be posted on the bulletin board at the Library, on the City and Library website, in the Estacada News, and the Lucky Dawg e-newsletter.  There was discussion about whether this person will be filling in for August through December or whether they will also then serve the whole four year term.  Karen Hardman said that she had been in a similar position when she came on the Board, and had filled in, and then, has been serving the four year term (a term which runs January-December).

Public Input: None

Library Director’s Report

Anna reported the statistics to the Board.  They are down in most categories slightly.  The budget is in good shape, since this is the first month of the new fiscal year.  Anna told the Board about some savings that are being taken this year:  Gary is now doing maintenance on the aquarium; staff are opening windows and doors and using less electricity. The Library has switched janitorial services, and is being cleaned fewer times a week.  Staff is being vigilant about noticing things that might need work, since we are having the area cleaned fewer days.  The public access printer expired, but is not being replaced.  The print jobs are now routed to the copier, and it seems to be working fine.

Michele updated the Board on adult programming:  among the offerings are: August 13th is the celebration in the Flora Room of the Library building’s fifth anniversary, with food and music, in September a cover-letter workshop, and a family counselor, Christina Dialpaz, discusses family issues.  Jenny was conducting the weekly program for the Summer Reading program, and not able to attend.

Old Business:

The budget shortfall is less than previously expected – $28,946 instead of $52,000 predicted.  This is due to a final payment of $21,054 received from the County in June.

Job Descriptions were discussed, and an amendment suggested for the positions higher than Library Assistant I:  adding the Person In Charge (PIC) information under the area of Supervisory Responsibilities. These are now ready to be approved at a City Council Meeting in August.

Building Update: Rust on the roses was treated on 6/29.  The Library has a new janitorial service, Jani-King, as previously mentioned.  The public access printer is now the copy machine that is already in use, as previously mentioned and the fish tank maintenance is now performed by staff member Gary Guttridge.

Update on laptop request: Michele has prepared and submitted a laptop request to the Foundation, which follows the guidelines in the application form, and the request will be considered at the next Foundation meeting in August.

The fifth anniversary celebration of the new Library building will be on August 13th, with music and an open house.  The public is welcome, and we look forward to seeing everyone there!

Display Case policy and application: Included in everyone’s meeting packet was a copy of the draft Library Display Case policy and application form. There was some discussion about wording, and Anna will revise the wording about being an Estacada resident to: Are you and Estacada Library District resident in Estacada Library District?  Gloria moved to pass the new policy and application. This was seconded by Malana, and passed unanimously.  The policy can now go before City Council for approval. Gloria asked for a blurb about the new case for the Lucky Dawg e-newsletter.

The Avatar of River Mill Dam by Nina Bradford.  This lovely painting was purchased for the Library by the Foundation, and recently hung again on the stone fireplace, where it was displayed during the River Mill Dam art exhibit.  The Library and Board would like to thank the Foundation in a more formal way, and Malana offered to send a card from the Board thanking the Foundation for the generous purchase.

Reception for Joanna Rood on July 5th Anna told the Board that the reception for Joanna Rood had been a nice one, but she was disappointed in the number of people who showed up.  Library staff was in attendance but Malana was the only Board member to show up, and no Foundation members. Joanna Rood has been a driving force behind the formation of the Library District, has done much for the Library, and knows the details like no one else.  She will be greatly missed.

Reschedule the holiday potluck? Since the Ford Institute for leadership program meets from 1-6 on December 2nd, the Board decided to have the potluck on Thursday, December 1st instead.

New Business:

Director’s Group Meeting : Anna told the Board there was no Director’s Group meeting in July.

OLA Support staff conference: Sarah, Thea, Laurie and Eric went to the OLA Support Staff Conference in July, and Sarah had reported to Anna that they felt they had gotten a lot of good information out of the meeting.

Ford Institute for Leadership Program: Anna told the Board that several members of the Library staff had been invited to and have applied for the leadership program: Sarah, Thea, Eric and Anna.

League of Women Voters Clackamas County Library Survey: Anna distributed copies of the survey, which the League of Women Voters had undertaken and compiled.  It has information regarding the provision of services that the Libraries can provide with the formation of the new Library District, and the more stable source of funding and support it provides. Unfortunately, there was some misreporting of information about Estacada, in that a Library Friend’s group was listed, instead of the Foundation.  This was definitely not the way the survey had been filled out.

Eric leaving: Anna told the Board that Eric will be leaving soon – his last day is August 6th.  He has found a full-time position in Portland at Reed College, which is a wonderful opportunity.  She and Sarah will be working on filling his position from within current staff. Eric has been great, and will truly be missed.

There was discussion about whether or not to meet in August, as this is a traditional break for the Board.  Malana offered the option of just meeting to review Board applications, in order to get someone in place more quickly.  She will contact Board members later about the possibility.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:02 PM.

Next Meeting: To be determined later