June 2011 Meeting Minutes

Estacada Public Library

Board of Trustees


June 16th, 2011

Small Conference Room, 1:00 PM

Approved by the Board on July 22, 2011

Attending: Janet Bowen, Malana Ganz, Karen Hardman, Gloria Polzin and Anna Stavinoha

Also attending: Bill Elliott, Library Foundation member Dolly Cooper and Library staff member Michele Kinnamon

Absent: Suzanne Mahan

Public: None

The meeting was called to order at 1:04 p.m.

Reading of the Minutes:

The May Board minutes were read, it was noted that Kraig Bartel had not been included as attending. Also that Barbara Bartel was not attending as a staff member, but a member of the public. The minutes were approved as amended at 1: 09 p.m.  The vote was unanimous.

Additions to the Agenda:

Strategic Plan progress

5th anniversary of the building celebration

Annual evaluations

Strategic Plan progress:

Anna presented the announcement that she and Michele had written, asking for community participants in the strategic planning process starting this summer.  Discussion followed, and it was discovered that this process does not need to happen until next year.  A schedule was reached for this to happen next year: February 2012 would be when the announcement is printed in various media, and the committee would be assembled in the spring of 2012.  The committee could work on the plan through the summer and fall of 2012, and would bring it to City Council at the November meeting, for implementation starting in January 2013.  The committee would ideally have members from the following groups: Library staff, Library Board, Library Foundation, City Council, and members of the public. During the discussion, it was also decided that the plan would be for three years, instead of five, to keep it more relevant and current, as the last plan had some items that became out of date.

5th anniversary of the building celebration:

The Library is celebrating its fifth anniversary in the new building this year, and staff has planned an ice cream social for August 6th, and Anna asked for ideas on how the Board might like to participate.

Annual evaluations:

Staff Evaluations:  Anna told the Board that this week evaluations have been done, and that next week discussions with staff about their evaluations will happen.  Due to budget shortfalls because of lower assessed value for property in the County, only raises of 3% will be available, and in the few cases where the salary is grossly inadequate for the current position the person has, a larger increase will be given.

Public Input: none

Library Director’s Report: Anna presented the Library statistics to the Board, and the Expense and Revenue Ledger. There was discussion about the difference in computer usage numbers from May 2010 to May 2011.  It was determined that May 2010 was an aberrant number. The Board looked at the budget numbers and there was discussion about the shortfall due to lower property taxes for the area and County.  Bill Elliott said that the City received 87% of the projected funds this year, while last year we received 95% by this time.  It appears that we will be about $52,000 short in revenues. This will preclude adjusting the staff salaries as had been hoped.  For the time being, the library will not be closing any additional hours, but will be keeping the same schedule.

The Library will be closing on July 4th, to honor Independence Day.

Anna presented the information for Youth Services, as Jenny was in a Summer Reading Program crafts event decorating book bags:

Summer Reading is off to a great start, with the Reptile Man appearing on Tuesday. 330 people attended the two shows.  The evening show was popular, as it allowed parents who work to make it after work hours. Some of the other programs and crafts will also have afternoon and evening schedules.  Jenny believes that the outreach to schools made a difference in the attendance at the program.

Michele told the Board about the success of the Book Reading Group for adults, with approximately 15 people attending the first meeting. The computer tutoring sessions have all been full, and people are signing up for additional sessions with our volunteer, Cathy Kreisman. This has been an extremely popular program, and Michele would like to expand it with the purchase of laptops, which will provide much more flexibility for helping people with computer learning and projects.  Michele also attended the Chamber of Commerce meeting today, and let the group know about the blue bins for donations for a for-profit company.  Although the information on the boxes states that the donated books go to help people, they are sold for profit or recycled.  Most importantly, these donation bins are siphoning off book donations from public libraries and Friends of the Library groups. She said that although attendance today was not high, hopefully the information will travel among local businesses.

Old Business:

Update on staff compensation – see above

Update on job descriptions: Anna told the Board that Senior Staff had examined the job descriptions, and found them inadequate.  There was a general reorganization, and a new section emerged – that of technical processing specialists.  There are now three people who do technical processing in addition to Joanne – Eric, Thea and Penny.  New job descriptions were written for these positions so that the descriptions fit their actual jobs.  Joanne Headrick is now the Lead Technical Processing Specialist, a supervisory position. The Library Specialist job descriptions were updated, and the title changed to that of Library Assistants I and II. A new title was created for Laurie Ellicott’s role of Periodicals Specialist. 

Building update: the interior lobby doors have been malfunctioning, and Capitol City Doors has come out.  The doors appear to be working better now.

Display case update: The new case crafted by Steve Niichel has arrived and been installed, and it looks great, matching the Information desk and the library in general.  The first display was added in a hurry to prevent it from sitting empty, and is still a work in progress.  The first display celebrates the fifth anniversary of the new library building.  We would appreciate any new materials/information/input or design ideas that staff might have. One thing we might do is have teams that would take turns doing the display during the year.  We will now need to craft a new policy regarding the case and displays, or add one to the bulletin board policy.  Anna will work on this for the next meeting.

On-Call Hiring: Anna told the Board about the hiring of Heather Michet and James Moore, who both have experience in LINCC libraries, so they should have an easy transition.

Broadband to Estacada: The Broadband to rural areas project that the County has won the grant for, is running ahead of schedule, so the Library will have Broadband access this year rather than next year. Bill Elliott stated that is Clackamas ESD uses the Broadband, the library can use them for access, and the speed of the library computers will definitely be faster.

Michele to Chamber Meeting re blue bins issue: Michele attended the latest Estacada Chamber of Commerce meeting, and let local businesses know about the commercial venture that places blue bins in communities on local business properties for book donations and advertises the money raised as going to charity.  This for-profit company has made huge profits off these donations, mostly at the expense of the local libraries.

New Business: Anna informed the Board that the LINCC Library District Director, Joanna Rood is retiring in August, and that she would be attending a meeting on the 17th with other Library Directors and Gary Barth from the County to discuss what they would like to see for the future of that position, and the roles of the Network and Libraries.  The Library would like to have Joanna out to thank her for her wonderful contribution to the District and her immense help to the Estacada Library.  This is in the planning stages, and hopefully we will have something, like an open house that Library Board, Foundation, City Council members and staff can attend.  Her last meeting will be in August, and the Director’s Group will be taking her to lunch afterward in Gladstone.

Laptop request for the Foundation: Michele updated the Board on her application for laptops and a charging/storage cart.  She has obtained alternative quotes as requested for these, and will present them to the Foundation Board at its next meeting in August.

There was discussion about the taking of the minutes.  Gloria asked if it is distracting for Anna, as the Director participating in the discussions and answering questions throughout the meeting.  Anna acknowledged that it is, but that the official handbook for Board meeting protocol states that the Director takes the minutes.  Malana said that to change this rule would take effort.  A digital recorder has been purchased to help with this process, but there have been technical difficulties with it.  Anna will see if she can get it to work, as it helps immensely.  Karen offered to transcribe the notes with the aid of the recorder.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 2:06 PM.