June Minutes

Estacada Public Library Board of Trustees

June 28, 2012, 5:30 p.m.

Flora Community Room


Meeting Called to Order Pres. Hardman called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

Present:  Dir. Kraig Bartel, Dir. Janet Bowen, Dir. Earlean Marsh, Dir. Suzanne Sager, Pres. Karen Hardman, Interim Library Director Michele Kinnamon,
City Manager Bill Elliott, Asst to CM Melanie Wagner

Public Input

Jan Clark, 525 NW 6th Ave, #120, Estacada – Ms. Clark stated that she doesn’t think it is right that the Book Nook/Foundation is supporting groups other than the Library. Ms. Clark stated that she wants to know why it has been allowed. She also commented that that there was such a difference in the Library after Anna Stavinoha and Michele Kinnamon came.

Pres. Hardman asked CM Elliott to address Ms. Clark’s concern. CM Elliott stated that money donated to the Foundation belongs to the Foundation, and that the Foundation Board may disperse it as they wish.

Johnni Reynolds, 21755 SE Coop Rd, Eagle Creek – Ms. Reynolds stated that she would like to see a discussion of seat designations at the next meeting. She is not clear about who is what seat, what seats are designated, or what positions go with what seats. She inquired about when Pres. Hardman’s term would end, if the position will be advertised for, and whether the seat was designated as a “city” seat or a “district” seat. She would also like to see the seat designations put clearly into the bylaws.

Janet Kiger-Hellard, Farmstead Rd, Estacada – Ms. Kiger-Hellard expressed her appreciation for the Interim Director being given a small raise because of the extra duties she is taking on.

Reading of the Minutes from the May 9 and May 24 meetings

Dir. Bowen stated that she had a correction to the May 24, 2012 minutes. She said that she had reviewed the video of the meeting, and that there was a vote on the purchase of a flag which was not reflected in the draft minutes. The minutes should be amended to reflect a vote of 3 yes and 2 no for purchasing a flag. Dir. Bowen also said that she doesn’t believe the Board needs to say the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of their meetings, but that displaying the flag is a good reminder that we live in the United States and enjoy literary freedom.

Dir. Sager made a motion to approve the May 24, 2012 meeting minutes as amended. Dir. Marsh seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Pres. Hardman read the May 9, 2012 meeting minutes aloud. Dir. Sager made a motion to approve the May 9, 2012 meeting minutes as presented. Dir. Bowen seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

City Manager’s Remarks

CM Elliott thanked Interim LD Kinnamon for taking on the role of Interim Director. As it is one of his duties as City Manager to supervise committees, CM Elliott made the following clarifications in order to help Interim LD Kinnamon be successful:

  • Asst to the CM Melanie Wagner will continue to take the meeting minutes at this time
  • Board Meeting packets with agenda and reports will be available the Friday prior to a regularly scheduled meeting
  • The Bylaws are silent on preparing the agenda, so Interim LD Kinnamon and the Board President will prepare the agenda
  • He requested that the trustees review the bylaws so they may be fully followed
  • He agrees that the Board needs to resolve the relationship with the Foundation once and for all

Director’s Report

Expense and Revenue Ledger

Interim LD Kinnamon asked for questions regarding the expense and revenue ledger. Dir. Bartel asked why 35% of the collection development fund was not spent this Fiscal Year. Interim LD Kinnamon explained that the lack of staff was the reason she was not able to complete the materials ordering for this Fiscal Year. Dir. Bartel stated that he would like to see the collection development funds spent because he believes collection development is a number one priority.

Library Statistics

Interim LD Kinnamon explained the new format for the Library Statistics report.

Re-Boot Camp June 1 results

Interim LD Kinnamon reported on the Re-Boot Camp. She felt it was a good first step to continuing open dialogue with the staff. She presented a card from the staff to the Board thanking them for bringing in lunch during their workshop.

July 4th Parade

Some of the Library staff, volunteers and patrons will be walking in the 4th of July Parade to promote the library.

Summer Reading Program

Interim LD Kinnamon reported on the beginning of the Summer Reading Program.

Strategic Plan update and The Survey

Interim LD Kinnamon explained that Diane Satchwell from the West Linn Library has been very helpful to the Strategic Planning Committee. Ms. Satchwell came to the last strategic planning meeting to talk about her experience with the West Linn Library strategic plan. Strategic Planning Meetings are on “hold” due to the summer schedules and to allow time for the surveys to be returned.

Dir. Bartel asked why the Library Board didn’t get to approve the survey before it was dispersed. Interim LD Kinnamon said that the Strategic Planning Committee had put it together and approved it. She also said that the survey was based on a survey that was previously discussed and approved by the Board.

The Board discussed options for distributing the survey such as putting a notice in the newspaper and making the survey available online.

Dir. Marsh made a motion for the Board to accept the survey and to continue to distribute it. Dir. Bartel seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

There was a discussion of options for bringing items to the Board for approval when there is a short timeframe.

Old Business

Discussion: Knowledge of and understanding of the Bylaws by everyone

The Board discussed the possibility of scheduling a meeting to go over the bylaws together for the purpose of understanding them better. They also discussed the role of the Secretary related to setting the agenda and taking meeting minutes. No meeting was set.

Reply to questions raised in public commentary May 24

Interim LD Kinnamon informed the Board that she had responded to Peter Hamer’s question about use of the projector. She stated that she has worked on setting up procedures and formulating an agreement for the use of the projector. She will bring it back to the Board at a future meeting. She stated that she had emailed Mr. Hamer and also spoken to him in person.

Interim LD Kinnamon reported that Pres. Hardman had responded to Janet Kiger-Hellard’s comments from the May 24th meeting. Additionally, Pres. Hardman had written to Ms. Kammerman. Greg Johnson’s comments regarding inventories and tracking of discards were addressed by Interim LD Kinnamon and at an earlier meeting of the strategic planning committee.

Dir. Bartel stated that his concern is that people who ask questions of the Board are being thoroughly answered.

Library Foundation

Dir. Bartel stated that the Library has had a relationship with the Literary Foundation for more than 20 years and he strongly recommends reconciling.

Dir. Bartel made a motion that the Library Board of Trustees send a letter to the Literary Foundation apologizing for the untrue comments that were made at an open meeting by Pres. Hardman. Motion died for lack of a second.

Pres. Hardman stated that the Library Board is not sending a letter, and we wish the Literary Foundation every success.

New Business

Hiring: procedures and responsibilities

The Board discussed the need to understand the process for hiring a new Library Director.

Next Meeting Date? Conflict with Summer Reading event July 26

Interim LD Kinnamon stated that the room will be in use for the Summer Reading Program on the date of the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. She also stated that Pres. Hardman and Dir. Bowen will not be able to attend on that date.

Pres. Hardman suggested skipping the July Board meeting, and meeting on August 23, 2012. Dir. Bartel stated that he would like to reschedule and have a July meeting. The Board had a discussion about when to hold a meeting. Dir. Marsh asked Dir. Bartel about the pressing issues that would require a meeting in July. Dir. Bartel stated that he would like to start forming committees to give support to the Interim LD, and he would like to not lose a month.

Dir. Bartel made a motion to hold a meeting in July. The motion died for lack of a second.

The next meeting of the Library Board of Trustees will be August 23, 2012.

Trustees’ and President’s Comments

Dir. Sager thanked everyone for coming to the meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 7 p.m.