Library Board/Library Foundation Meeting, 9/22

Estacada Public Library

Board of Trustees

Joint Work Session with the Library Foundation Board


September 22nd, 2011

The Flora Room, 5 p.m.

Draft Copy

Attending: Chair Malana Ganz, Dir. Gloria Polzin, Dir. Karen Hardman, Library Director
Anna Stavinoha, Cr. Brent Dodrill, Asst to CM Melanie Wagner

Absent: Dir. Janet Bowen

Attending on behalf of the Library Foundation: Dir. Linda Arnett

The meeting was called to order at 5:00 pm by Cr. Dodrill who acted as Facilitator for the work session.

Cr. Dodrill requested that self-introductions be made.

Library Staff Present:  Michele Kinnamon, Sarah Hibbert,  Jennifer Fleenor, Thea Kuziemski, Johnni Reynolds and Barbara Bartel.

There were also five members of the public in attendance.

LD Stavinoha gave an overview and progress report of the Estacada Library Strategic Plan for 2008-2013. She stated that there will be a committee formed next year to update the plan.

During the overview, LD Stavinoha thanked the Foundation for providing the laptops for the computer lab. There was also a brief discussion of the effectiveness of a newsletter vs. Facebook vs. the website.

After LD Stavinoha concluded her review of the Strategic Plan, Cr Dodrill announced that the meeting was open for questions related to the Plan.

Dir. Arnett asked LD Stavinoha to report on statistics for 2011 since we are 9 months into the year.

LD Stavinoha explained that the year runs fiscally from July 1 to June 30, and the computer system at City Hall has been down so there has been limited ability to get current data.

There was a discussion about purchasing new materials for collection development initiated by Dir. Arnett, Kraig Bartel and another member of the public.

Cr. Dodrill clarified from the discussion that based on the progress report for the Strategic Plan, the goal for a 10% annual increase in the collection did not seem to be feasible and that the update of the Strategic Plan should reflect a more attainable goal.

There was a discussion of the practice of “weeding” the collection and it was recommended that the update to the Strategic Plan should reflect Oregon Library Association standards for Collection Development.

There was a discussion regarding the Library facilities. Kraig Bartel clarified that the intent of setting the goal to purchase the property to the north was for future expansion as well as parking. He stated that when the library was constructed there was a plan for parking on the north side of the building but it had to be eliminated due to Fire Safety requirements. He also commented that it would be ideal to purchase the property to the north as soon as possible before it redevelops and recommended doing fundraising for long term expansion of the Library.

Mr. Bartel also recommended going through the “O&M” manuals for the Library to create a maintenance schedule.

There was a brief question about a survey that LD Stavinoha had mentioned. She replied that it had been a questionnaire that was at the front desk and was not far-reaching enough to draw strong conclusions.

There was a discussion about measuring e-book statistics and how they factor in to Library circulation statistics as well as how e-books affect the number of items the library owns.

There was a discussion concerning the City being able to charge the library interest if the library uses more cash than it has carried forward from the previous year because the taxes from the District are not received until January. Cr. Dodrill stated that he would get more details about this practice.

This topic moved into a discussion of how the budget is developed. A question was asked regarding who LD Stavinoha reports to at City Hall. Asst to CM Wagner clarified that the budget is not approved by LD Stavinoha or one person at City Hall as was being suggested. She stated that each department must propose a workable budget which is then presented for approval to the Budget Committee. After it is approved by the Budget Committee, it has to be approved by the City Council.

A history of the Book Nook was given. It was shared that the Book Nook is 20 years old and was started by two women who wanted an avenue to raise money by selling books. Ten years ago it became the Library Foundation with the sole purpose of building a new Library. Currently it is a private non-profit with records available online. There are five members who meet quarterly. 40% of the inventory comes from the Library and 60% comes directly from the community. Revenue from the Book Nook goes into an investment account, as well as any other revenue coming from other donors such as PGE, Kaiser, Betty Baker Foundation, etc.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:40pm.