May 2011 Board Meeting Agenda

Estacada Public Library

Library Board of Trustees

Meeting Agenda

May 19, 2011

Library Small Conference Room, 1 p.m.

Meeting called to order

Reading of the Minutes from the April Meeting

Additions to the Agenda

Public Input

Library Director’s Report

Library Statistics

Expense and Revenue Ledger

Programming updates from Michele and Jenny

Memorial Day—Closing Monday, May 30

Old Business:

Revised bylaws

Lawsuit in Lane County—continued discussion

Updated on Staff Compensation

Update on job descriptions from Board

New Business:

Dahlia Sale

National Labyrinth Day

Reliance Connects and the Broadband project

Computer tutoring being offered @ the Library

Foundation meeting news and new process for making requests

Addition of Tualatin and Damascus to the District

Lost and Paid policy—passed by the Director’s Group

Kill A Watt meters are now  available to check out

Lynne Kamerman request

Building updates—Flora Room doors, ants

Fifth year library building anniversary celebration

Display case update

LDAC meeting update

Budget process

Fire Alarm testing

On-call hiring


Next meeting: June 16, 1 p.m. in the Library Small Conference Room