May Minutes

Estacada Public Library Board of Trustees

Meeting Minutes

May 24, 2012, 5:30 PM

Flora Community Room


Meeting Called to Order Chair Hardman called the meeting to order at 5:30pm.

Present:  Dir. Kraig Bartel, Dir. Janet Bowen, Dir. Earlean Marsh, Dir. Suzanne Sager, Chair Karen Hardman, Interim Library Director Michele Kinnamon,
Asst to CM Melanie Wagner

Chair Hardman introduced Ms. Kinnamon as the Interim Library Director, and read the    meeting agenda aloud because there were not enough extra copies available for everyone.

Public Input

Peter Hamer, 33550 SE Coupland Rd – Mr. Hamer urged everyone to get past the recent difficulties. He then described an incident where he tried to check out the Library’s projector for a personal event. He was told it should be ok to do so, and then he was told it was against the library policy. He has three questions: 1) What is the policy about the public using the Library projector? 2) How is a returnable deposit a fee? 3) What does a city ordinance regarding voting in new fees have to do with the library district?

Chair Hardman asked Asst to the CM Wagner to request that the City Manager respond to the question about the 3% limit applying to the Library District.

Lynne Kamerman, 21600 SE Coop Rd – Ms. Kamerman stated that there are still parts of the bylaws that aren’t being followed. She referenced the Board Secretary’s duties being assigned to the Library Director. She also said that the Board is required to submit an annual budget request to the City Manager and commented that it would be good to do that. She stated that she is concerned about the patrons outside the City not having an adequate voice.

Greg Johnson, Cemetery Road – Mr. Johnson handed out a printed copy of his comments to the directors. He made a few suggestions: 1) It would be good to keep a list of items that are pulled from the collection, 2) He would like to see a yearly inventory of the stock of the library in order to verify what is on the shelves, 3) He believes a yearly audit is necessary and he found out that this is being done.

Janet Kiger-Hellard, Farmstead Road – Ms. Kiger-Hellard commented that she considers the Library to be the crown jewel of the community. She said she has been out of town and just found out about the difficulties that had been taking place. She recommended mediation. She also recommended that Ms. Kinnamon is adequately compensated for taking on the additional responsibilities as Interim Library Director.

Reading of the Minutes from the April 26 meeting

Chair Hardman asked if the Directors had read the draft minutes and called for a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Dir. Marsh made a motion to approve the April 26,    2012 meeting minutes as presented. Dir. Sager seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Director’s Report

Interim LD Kinnamon reported on the Library statistics. Some of the statistics from this month’s report seem unusual, so Ms. Kinnamon will be verifying the accuracy of the numbers and will report back to the Board.

Ms. Kinnamon commented on the Expense and Revenue Ledger and indicated that the Library is doing fine financially. She said that she will be getting some training from Denise to better understand the reports.

Ms. Kinnamon reported that she was happy to be able to attend the OLA conference. She said that it is very helpful to see what other libraries are doing. The  sessions she thought were most valuable included “Branding your Library,”  “Strategic Planning on a Shoestring,” and a session on e-books.

Ms. Kinnamon stated that she had attended a Parks and Recreation Commission meeting in order to collaborate on the topic of purchasing skateboard racks. She is also working with the Parks and Recreation Commission on the possibility of checking out sports equipment for the park. Ms. Kinnamon is making an effort to reach out to community groups when feasible in order to be known and approachable, and to enable the Library to be a good neighbor.

Ms. Kinnamon gave an update on the 2012 Summer Reading Program. The flyer is posted on the Library website, and the program will include children, teens and adults.

Ms. Kinnamon reported on the “Chapter 2” book sale. She said it is going well and that the money brought in from the sales is kept track of in a separate line item from the fines. Dir. Bartel inquired about staff time vs. volunteer time for the Chapter 2 project. Ms. Kinnamon reported that currently is has been mostly staff that is shelving the items and ringing up the sales, and that the sorting of material has always been done by a staff person. The shelving/sales of the items takes minimal time according to Ms. Kinnamon, and there has been some volunteer help.

The Dahlia sale is also going well. Ms. Kinnamon reported that there are thousands of bulbs for sale and they must sell before the summer reading program starts on account of space limitations. This is a major fund raiser for the Library.

Lastly, Ms. Kinnamon reported that the Library Board Bylaws are now on the Library website under the “About Us” section.

Old Business

Budget Chair Hardman said that the budget request hasn’t been recommended yet.

Dir. Bartel handed out an alternate budget that is just for review and consideration for the future. He suggested moving forward, passing the budget to get through the process now, and starting to discuss this for next year.

Chair Hardman made a motion to recommend the current budget as proposed. Dir. Sager seconded the motion.

The directors continued the discussion of the budget and being fiscally responsible. They also discussed the value of librarians and the value of the library staff in general.

Chair Hardman called for a vote on the motion to recommend the current budget as proposed. The motion passed with 4 yes and 1 no (Bartel).

Strategic Plan

Chair Hardman reported that the committee is working to get a survey done prior to taking a break for summer and then finishing up the Plan at the end of August.

Kindle Redux

There was a discussion concerning the confusion that has surrounded the topic of the Kindle purchase earlier in the year.

New Business

Anna’s Resignation

Ms. Kinnamon reported that former Library Director Anna Stavinoha has completed her last day of work. The Board discussed options for making recommendations to the City Manager on the hiring of a new Library Director.

Re-Boot Camp for Staff June 1

Ms. Kinnamon explained the intent of the “Re-boot Camp” is to gather staff together and talk about where to go from here, including goal setting and how to do things better. She chose June 1st because it is a short day for the Library (open 12 to 5) so there would be minimal impact to the public as compared to other days and most of the staff is available. (Only 2 staff members are not able to attend) The hours for the meeting will be 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and it is a mandatory meeting. There was a discussion of the Board attending the meeting also. Chair Hardman suggested that the Board could bring in lunch for the staff on that day in order to meet the staff and show support. The Board asked questions and discussed logistics with Ms. Kinnamon. Dir. Bartel expressed support for the staff meeting. Dir. Marsh said “you’re moving and I second.”  Chair Hardman said, “All in favor?” The directors voted – 4 yes and 1 abstention (Bartel).

Flag Salute at Board Meetings

Chair Hardman referred to the City Council starting their meetings with a pledge to the United States flag. Chair Hardman moved that the Board purchase a United States flag and a State of Oregon flag. Dir. Bowen seconded the motion.  The Board discussed having a flag at the meetings. The board voted and the proposal passed: 3 yes.

Parking issues – Karen

Chair Hardman witnessed a difficulty in the parking lot between two large vehicles and would like to propose a one-way parking lot. The Board discussed the pros and cons of signing the parking lot for one-way. There was a consensus that the parking lot should be left the way it is.

Trustees and President Comments

Dir. Bowen expressed appreciation for all the work done on the budget and she would like to start working on the budget really, really early.

Dir. Sager thanked Michele for stepping into the role of Interim Library Director. She would also like to really work on the budget in the future.

Dir. Bartel said that he called the Ethics Board for the State of Oregon regarding conflict of interest and he asked if someone had prompted Chair Hardman to ask about that two meetings in a row. What he found out is that as long as his wife is part of the group of 15 employees and as long as the decisions affect the group and are uniform for the group and do not single out any individuals in that group that he does not need to declare a conflict.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 p.m.