Notes From the Living Room #2


Ever wonder how library materials are kept in good shape? Partially, we rely on you, our patrons, to respect library items by treating them well so they can be enjoyed by other patrons. Our library materials are borrowed by many, both in the Estacada area and by our partner library patrons in Clackamas County.

When library materials are damaged, some well-meaning patrons try to “fix” the items. The Estacada Library is very fortunate to have someone on staff who is trained to professionally repair books and other damaged materials.

Our Technical Services Supervisor, Joanne, says:

“Library books get old and worn out.  Spines break and pages fall out.  If this happens to one of the books you have checked out please DO NOT try to fix it.  The library has special glue and tape to properly repair books.  If a person tries to repair a book at home with regular tape sometimes I have to remove that tape before it can be properly repaired. That can damage the book beyond repair and the book will have to be deleted from the collection.

If you’ve torn an item, notice the spine is breaking or see some other damage, please tell staff at the circulation desk so it can be repaired.”

Our DVD collection, especially, is heavily used. If you check out a DVD and notice problems when you try to view it, please tell the circulation staff so we can remove it from our collection. We won’t know if a DVD is damaged unless patrons let us know. We will clean and/or repair a DVD once (only items owned by Estacada Public Library) and make a note of it on the DVD case. If it is reported damaged by the next patron we will take it out of circulation.

Thank you for doing your part to treat our materials well. The library can spend more on new items if we don’t have to keep replacing damaged items.

–Michele, interim director.

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