Notes from the Living Room #6

In the Estacada area volunteerism is everywhere. From our arts organizations (Estacada Area Arts Commission, etc…) and service agencies (Food Bank, Community Center) to our City Council and Mayor, volunteers make more possible. Even at the library, we have a volunteer library board, and a citizens committee that assisted in creating the Library’s strategic plan. Volunteers were essential in fundraising and getting the library built and in helping out during a disaster (January 2009!).

The library benefits from people who give their time. Sheri Girdner and Penny Kampf are our longest-serving volunteers who help with various tasks in the library.  Our computer tutor, Cathy Kreisman, has taught more than a hundred area residents basic computer skills as our volunteer for close to two years. Nichole Adamson, our homebound services volunteer,  delivers library materials to patrons who can’t get to the library. They are all wonderful to work with and we are so lucky to have their devotion.

Now, I’d like to ask for your volunteer help. As you may know, the Library is having its First Annual Really Big Book Sale on April 20 & 21 in the Flora Room. We have a storage area where donations and withdrawn library materials are kept. Timber Lake Job Corps volunteers will load up a truck and bring our items to the library. Volunteers are needed to unpack the boxes and organize things on tables for the sale. A meeting will be held this Saturday, March 16 at 1 p.m. where I will provide more details about how you can help. [Update: If you missed the meeting you can still sign-up for a shift. Ask at the circulation desk.]

On a related note: about this time last year the library started our book sale area, Chapter 2. I’d like to recognize Karen Hardman for volunteering to restock the book sale area and for occasionally selling books in the lobby on Saturday. We always sell more when she is there. Also, thank you to Mary Hyde, another volunteer who has helped maintain our book sale area.

Another need we have is for a Friends of the Library group. Our library is the only one in Clackamas County that does not have a friends group: that is, a group of volunteers that can help out with a variety of projects throughout the year such as our book sale and our dahlia sale (Note: The Estacada Area Literary Foundation provides funding for specific library needs). I’ve been told many of you are looking for volunteer opportunities. A friends group would be an excellent and varied way for you to give of your time and talent. One of our library board members, Jane Troeh, has offered to help get this off the ground. Are you interested? Call the library!

Looking forward,

Michele, Library Director

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