Notes from the Living Room #8

Extra eBooks for LINCC Patrons
New Overdrive Advantage eBooks To help meet the increasing demand for downloadable e-books and audiobooks, LINCC has started a collection of the most popular titles that are available only to Clackamas County library card holders. This collection is known as OverDrive Advantage and will shorten the amount of time you have to wait for bestselling titles.The OverDrive Advantage collection also contains hot titles that aren’t available in the wider Library2Go database because of publisher restrictions.

To see these LINCC-only books you must be logged in to Library2Go. When you’re searching for books you’ll know you’ve found an Advantage title when you see the bright yellow check mark. This is how you’ll know that there will be a much shorter waiting time for a book.

Click below to see the

New OverDrive Advantage eBooks

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