November 2011 Minutes

Estacada Public Library

Board of Trustees


November 3rd, 2011

Small Conference Room, 5 p.m.

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 5:00 pm by Dir. Hardman.

Present:           Dir. Karen Hardman, Dir. Greg Johnson, Dir. Janet Bowen, Dir. Earlean Marsh,

Library Director Anna Stavinoha, Sarah Hibbert, Jenny Fleenor, Thea Kuziemski, City Manager Bill Elliott, Melanie Wagner

Absent:            Dir. Gloria Polzin

Reading of the Minutes from the October Meeting

Dir. Hardman asked the Board if they had reviewed the minutes from the October Meeting, and if they had any additions or corrections to note. There were none.

Dir. Johnson made a motion to approve the minutes. Dir. Bowen seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Additions to the Agenda

Disaster Plan for the Library: Dir. Johnson stated that he had mentioned to LD Stavinoha that he would like to discuss a Disaster Plan for the Library. LD Stavinoha passed around the Library’s Disaster and Emergency Action Plan. She also provided other information from FEMA about Disaster Recovery.

Recording and Broadcasting the Library Board Meetings:  Dir. Johnson requested that the Library Board Meetings be video recorded and broadcast on the City TV Channel in the same manner that the Parks and Recreation Commission records and broadcasts their meetings. Thea Kuziemski stated that she has equipment to video record the meeting and offered to do so. The Board discussed the idea and there was a general consensus that this would be a good idea.

Public Input:

Barbara Bartel introduced herself as library staff and long-time volunteer. She stated that her attendance at this meeting was as a member of the public, and that she is excited about starting the Strategic Planning Process.

Kraig Bartel introduced himself as the Library District Advisory Committee Representative for Estacada and an interested citizen. Mr. Bartel spoke about the flood of 2009 relating to how the water reached the Library and what he believes were the causes of that. He also commented that he had been involved in the process of constructing the Library.

Library Director’s Report:

Library Statistics: LD Stavinoha reported on Library statistics for the past month. She included e-book statistics as was requested at the last Board Meeting. LD Stavinoha informed the Board that the Library District had just started reporting on the e-book circulation so she was able to use the information provided by the District.

The Board discussed having the Library put on an “Electronics Fair” to teach people about using MP3 formats, Kindles, or anything related to e-book use. LD Stavinoha will talk to Michele Kinnamon about doing this.

Expense and Revenue Ledger: LD Stavinoha reported on the expense/revenue ledger and asked for questions. The Board briefly discussed the budget cycle. Dir. Hardman requested to schedule a half hour work session prior to the next meeting for training about the budget.  City Recorder Denise Carey and City Manager Bill Elliott will be invited to present the budget process and answer questions.

Programming Updates:

Ms. Fleenor reported that the story times are going well. She also reported that seventy-five 2nd and 3rd grade students visited the Library for a field trip. Ms. Fleenor had a craft prepared for them and gave them a tour of the Library. Additionally, the Mushroom Program was very successful with over 200 people reported in attendance.

The Board discussed how beneficial it would be to have a paved pathway from the schools to the Library. LD Stavinoha stated that she, Sarah Hibbert and Thea Kuziemski are all taking part in the Ford Family Foundation Leadership Program, and that a School-Library pathway has been named as a possible project.

Old Business:

Maintenance Provisions:  LD Stavinoha reported that she is working on the Maintenance Plan for the Library. She has made a request to City Public Works for assistance with the outside of the building.

Strategic Planning:  LD Stavinoha informed the Board that the OLA website has helpful articles for going through the process of Strategic Planning. Per the Board’s request, LD Stavinoha will create an application for people to apply to be on the Strategic Planning Committee.

The Board discussed coordinating with the school district to supplement the school library resources as a component of the Strategic Plan, and would like to include people from the school district on the Strategic Planning Committee.

New Business:

New meeting location for Board Meetings:  LD Stavinoha has reserved the Flora Room for Library Board Meetings for the next year to better accommodate the number of people attending the meetings.

LDAC Meeting on November 10, 2011, at 5:30 pm:  Mr. Bartel, LDAC Representative, reported that the next meeting is on November 10th at 5:30 p.m. at District Headquarters. He informed the Board that the LDAC has recently been working on boundary issues and annexations, mostly related to Damascus and the Clackamas County residents of City of Tualatin. Mr. Bartel stated that the LDAC is also responsible for oversight of expenditures of the Libraries so that they are fulfilling the Intergovernmental Agreement and OLA standards. He commented that the 2010 Census data may change the district numbers, but there is no indication as to what that change may be yet. Mr. Bartel welcomed the new Board members and thanked the Board for volunteering their time.

Public Input:

There was none.

Additional Comments:

LD Stavinoha shared that the Library District Progress Report shows that the Estacada Public Library is exceeding the requirements for FTE staff, hours of operation,

and collection size.

Dir. Johnson initiated a discussion on how the collection is maintained and kept current.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 p.m.

Next Meeting: Thursday, December 1, 2011, 5 p.m., Library Flora Room