October Minutes

Estacada Public Library Board of Trustees

Meeting Minutes – APPROVED

October 25, 2012, 5:30 p.m.

Flora Community Room

Meeting Called to Order

Pres. Sager called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

Present:  Dir. Kraig Bartel, Dir. Earlean Marsh, Pres. Suzanne Sager, Dir. Jane Troeh, Dir. Janet Bowen, Interim Library Director Michele Kinnamon, Asst to CM Melanie Wagner.

Public Input

Johnni Reynolds, 21755 SE Coop Rd., Eagle Creek – Ms. Reynolds stated that she was speaking to voice her opinion on the future modification of the Library Board Bylaws. She stated that she opposes the elimination of the position of treasurer, and she recommends appointing a citizen committee to produce a monthly financial report.

Review of minutes from the September 27 meeting

Pres. Sager presented the minutes from the September 27, 2012 meeting. Dir. Marsh made a motion to approve the September 27, 2012 meeting minutes as presented. Dir. Bartel seconded the motion. The motion passed – 4 yes, 1 abstention (Sager).

Director’s Report

Library Statistics, Expense and Revenue Ledger, & Library Happenings

Interim LD Kinnamon asked if there were any questions about the reports or statistics she had included in the board packets.

Dir. Bartel noted the reduction in statistics for library use.

Interim LD Kinnamon commented she was not sure of the cause except for perhaps that the weather had improved for a short while. She also noted that staff was planning initiatives to do outreach.

Dir. Bartel stated that he had not received the final budget reconciliation for FY 2011/12.

Interim LD Kinnamon said that she will send that report to the directors.

Dir. Bartel stated that he feels the expenditures for employees are too high. He would like to strive for 60% of the budget to be allotted for employees. He also pointed out that there was a 10% increase in the cost of health insurance benefits.

Interim LD Kinnamon introduced Annie Sprague, the new librarian.

Interim LD Kinnamon updated the board on ideas from the re-boot camp that staff is now implementing. There is a container for cash donations at the circulation desk. The library received approximately $50 in donations in the first week. Interim LD Kinnamon also has a library blog ready to launch on the Web site when she writes an initial entry. Additionally, there is a “Library Value Calculator” on the Web site home page. A patron idea/comment box will be implemented in November.

Old Business

Meeting with County reps re: LDAC

Interim LD Kinnamon stated that she is grateful for Felix Gurley-Rimberg’s work regarding the library’s funding through the district. She reported that last week she and CM Bill Elliott met with the county representatives regarding the distribution of funding for FY 12/13. CM Elliott reported that the district uses the population estimates from Portland State University, but every ten years they readjust the numbers to align with the national census. CM Elliott said it was made clear that the county allocation to Estacada is unlikely to drastically change as it did after the 2010 census until the next census in 2020. Any additions or reductions in county funding would occur based on statistics gathered at that time. CM Elliott believes that the PSU estimates are likely to be more accurate than the census numbers; however the County will not challenge the census.

New Business

Purchase of new computers and software

Interim Library Director Kinnamon reported that there are 23 public access computers in the library that need to be replaced. It has been recommended that computers not be replaced all at once but rather in smaller groups, so that they don’t all start to develop problems at the same time. The old computers will be sold. George Yobst from the County Network office recommends moving to Dell computers as they have a 5-year warranty and they are more compatible with upcoming changes in technology. The preliminary estimate is $1,000 per computer/accessories/software, rather than $500 for the previous brand. Interim LD Kinnamon would like to purchase four or five with funds in the budget, which would leave some funds available for any unforeseen expenditures that might be required from that fund.

Dir. Bartel thinks it is good to replace the computers and recommends purchasing four or five and asking the Estacada Area Literary Foundation for a grant for another four or five computers.

Dir. Bowen recommended replacing 1/3 of the computers at a time.

It was the general consensus of the board to aim for replacing 1/3 of the computers with funding from the library budget and a request for a grant from the Foundation.

Pres. Sager requested that Interim LD Kinnamon email the final figures for the recommended purchase to the directors.

Next meeting date falls on Thanksgiving

After discussion, the board scheduled their next meeting for November 29, 2012.

President and Trustee Comments

Pres. Sager thanked the public for attending because the library needs community involvement. She is also happy to serve as president.

Dir. Bartel asked about the strategic planning committee and requested a report.

Interim LD Kinnamon reported that she had asked for volunteers to help collate the strategic planning survey and then they will be able to distribute it.

Dir. Bartel questioned procedures for hiring new employees. He quoted from the employee handbook that all jobs need to be posted. He said he received phone calls from people who were interested in applying for the new librarian position who were not able to apply because it was not posted or advertised.

Interim LD Kinnamon replied that she consulted with Denise Carey regarding proper procedure for hiring and was informed that part-time positions do not need to be posted. The new librarian position is part-time.

Dir. Bartel stated that he would like to see citizen committees formed. He believes there needs to be a maintenance committee and a budget committee. He indicated that the budget committee is his highest priority right now.

Pres. Sager asked Interim LD Kinnamon to put the budget committee on the next agenda.

Dir. Bowen stated that she is glad to welcome Dir. Troeh to the board.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:10 p.m.

Next Meeting: November 29, 2012, 5:30 p.m., Flora Community Room