Portland Art Museum Cultural Pass Changes

Due to changes made by the Portland Art Museum, LINCC users of the museum’s cultural pass will pay $5 admission at the museum beginning October 1. You can still check out a pass at LINCC libraries with your library card good for two adults (children 17 and younger are free). However, instead of free admission you will be charged $5 upon presenting the pass at the museum.

Although there is now a fee, patrons using the museum cultural pass still save $10 off the regular admission price of $15 (a savings of approximately 66%). Also, this change means that the Portland Art Museum cultural pass now costs less for your library to purchase–our cost is now $100 instead of $500. This is a substantial savings that your library can use to purchase other materials.

To reserve a date to use any of the Estacada Library’s cultural passes come in or call 503.630.8273.