September Meeting Minutes

Estacada Public Library Board of Trustees

Meeting Minutes -APPROVED

September 26, 2013, 5:30 p.m.

Small Conference Room


Meeting Called to Order

Pres. Sager called the meeting to order at 5:34 p.m.

Present:  Pres. Suzanne Sager, Dir. Kraig Bartel, Dir. Janet Bowen, Dir. Earlean Marsh,
Dir. Jane Troeh, Circulation Manager Sarah Hibbert, Asst to CM Melanie Wagner.

Public Input

No public input. 

Review of minutes from the June 27, 2013 Meeting

Pres. Sager presented the minutes from the August 22, 2013 meeting for review by the board. Dir. Troeh made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Dir. Bowen seconded the motion. The motion passed with 5 yes and 0 no.

Several questions were posed by the board:

Can there be a report on the number of books purchased each month? (Marsh)

How many books are in the Estacada Library collection, and how does this compare to the standard for a library serving our size of population? Is the Estacada Public Library considered threshold, adequate or excellent based on the population served according to OLA standards? (Bowen)

CM Hibbert made note of the questions and the information will be brought back to the directors. 

Dir. Bartel recommended and Pres. Sager recommended the State Library with regard to finding more statistics and information.

CM Hibbert stated that LD Kinnamon had just completed the state library report.

Director’s Report

In LD Kinnamon’s absence, Pres. Sager read the Director’s Report informing the board of recent and upcoming events and projects.

The board reviewed the statistics and general ledger. They noted that circulation was down but e-books were up and commented that this seems to be a countywide trend.

Dir. Bartel commended LD Kinnamon and the city for their fiscal responsibility. He stated that the library is in good shape with a good building that is paid for, a steady funding stream, and a reserve fund to carry over each fiscal year.


Old Business

Reports Regarding Board Projects:

Each Director gave a brief synopsis of the work plan on which they volunteered to lead.

Friends of the Library: Dir. Troeh reported that since the Centennial Celebration there are 13 people signed up to be a Friend. After LD Kinnamon gets back Dir. Troeh will set up a meeting to get the bylaws in order and help the group get organized. She has sample bylaws from ALA and Oregon City.

The entire board was very pleased with the Centennial celebration.

Building Maintenance: Dir. Bartel has started doing research for a maintenance program. He stated that the first thing to address is the folding door system in the Flora Room. It is missing some parts and is in need of repair. The board discussed the options for getting estimates and finding contractors who could work on the doors because they are a specialty product. By the next meeting Dir. Bartel will have more information on approved installers for that equipment.

Outdoor Sign: Dir. Marsh stated that she would like to have some parameters for the reader board/sign. She has made initial inquiries but needs to narrow things down. Pres. Sager will make the sign project an item on the next meeting agenda so the board can discuss it in greater detail. Dir. Marsh asked the other directors to also be aware of possible options or opportunities in the area for the design/construction/installation of the sign. There was a general consensus that the sign needs to be well designed, artistic, and convey the message of the Library.

Technology Plan: Pres. Sager and LD Kinnamon are planning to meet in October to begin work on the technology plan.

New Business

Meeting Dates for November and December

The next meeting is scheduled for October 24, 2013. After discussion, the board decided to combine the November and December meetings into one meeting which will take place on December 5, 2013. They will resume their regular meeting schedule in January 2014.

President and Trustee Comments

Pres. Sager commented that it was a nice meeting and she appreciates everyone being here.

Dir. Bartel said that he feels that things are heading in a good direction and he is really pleased about that.

Dir. Bowen said that the Ford Foundation training was tremendously beneficial in helping the board to get focused, and she appreciated LD Kinnamon’s effort with the Centennial.

Dir. Troeh commented that she had been reviewing the minutes from the Ford Foundation training and she thinks that next summer the board could meet and do something similar on its own.

Dir. Marsh announced that the Book Nook will be having a sale for the month of October and there will be nothing for sale over $1.


            The meeting was adjourned at 6:35 p.m.


Next Meeting:  Thursday, October 24, 2013, 5:30 p.m.

Flora Community Room